10 greatest hits from WikiLeaks


Thanks. I was just searching for this type of information. Imagine my surprise (lack there of) that I couldn’t find anything of substance of what they actually leaked other than the generic communications were leaked.


I kinda wonder about this:

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Always character assassination. I don’t fall for character assassination. Part of the downfall of the US is that character assassination works and it shouldn’t. I don’t care if it is a prostitute that provides evidence of rape. I don’t care what their daddy did or their second cousin. I don’t care if they don’t wipe their ass. Whenever this tactic is used, I know the user is likely covering up something bad by trying to distract.

I also don’t care about the what abouts. “But the prostitute didn’t report the other rape.” Is meaningless to weather they have evidence of a rape.

What I care about is whether our government is breaking the law. Whether they are violating the Constitution. Whether they are holding people within the government accountable. When I say the government is unrestrained in law enforcement, this is an example. If a crime is committed by the CIA or any government agency, it is ignored. That doesn’t work for me.

Just another reason that the US is in decline. You cannot stand on a podium and talk about how Russia violated the rules based system while constantly violating the rules based system.

Take the killing of what appears to be innocent and certainly unarmed people. (The one that includes Reuters reporters.) Ignoring the fact that we did not declare war, crimes happen in war. This does not delegitimize the war. It doesn’t delegitimize the military. It doesn’t delegitimize the government. The military and government not holding people accountable for these actions does.

If the citizens of the US want a good government, they have to hold them accountable. Not fall for what about distractions and character assassination.

I will not ignore behavior like this because it supposedly helped an undeclared adversary. To do so allows this rational to cover for everything. Is there anything that the deep state does that they cannot use national security as an excuse? This is what they are doing. All of the agencies now withhold information from our elected officials for national security or ongoing investigations or some other half assed rational. In my opinion, this is far more dangerous to the nation than any national security risk or ongoing investigation.

This, not Russian propaganda, is what is causing the institutions to lose trust. Like every untrustworthy individual, instead of trying to clean up their act they blame others.

It is simple. Were illegal actions revealed? If so, who was held accountable. Sorry that in a free country it is harder to do your job to keep the people safe.


Yeah very good points, there’s a lot of evidence for character assassination, here’s more:

I shared the Assange-Russia material because I was curious about what others on this forum thought.

Of course, NBTV had issues with the Assange video:



I heard of Naomi Brockwell via John Stossel. He interviewed her a few years but I watched the interview for the first time last year

She is a big privacy advocate and urges iPhone users to minimize the number of apps they use

Avoid google including Gmail as much as possible