Are “Guilty Pleasures” still Pleasures If They Aren’t Guilty?

Yes I miss “gay”. I remember when I wanted to eulogize my mother-in-law;” gay” was absolutely the mot juste, but of course I couldn’t employ it. There’s really no other word to completely replace it. Maybe “blithe”? I don’t think that’ll catch on.


No. Their goal is to have people tell them they are good.

Twenty five years ago when we had to take tolerance training, which was the precursor to DEI training today, a friend of mine remarked that it wasn’t about tolerance, they want to be told they want to be celebrated as good. This was with regard to gays.

At the time, I didn’t fully understand him or them. Today it is obvious that it is not about tolerance or acceptance, it is about honoring and celebrating them.

The LGBT community reminds me of the Nazis. They have their own flag/symbol. They require others to wear the symbol and fly the flag to symbolize their control. They have parades and a whole month dedicated to celebrating their group. Their entire existence is predicated on being a LGBT member. They attack with the intent to destroy anyone that does not celebrate them.

So it isn’t about acceptance, it is about celebrating them.


Gregory Cochran is an anthropologist that wrote The 10,000 Year Explosion with Henry Harpending. Henry is deceased, but Greg continues to write on their blog. Greg proposes (maybe jointly with Henry) a hypothesis that homosexuality is due to a virus that damages the part of the brain that is involved with sexuality.

Greg’s logic is that with a great deal of research no genetic connection has been identified. As you have indicated, their are plenty of credible gay people that indicate that they were born homosexual. It would be easy to confuse having had a virus that effects your sexuality during development and thinking it was the way you were born. Thus, Greg’s hypothesis would fit with people being gay from the beginning of their sexual awareness and it not being genetic.


I think the original hypothesis was pathogen, not necessarily virus.

Depths of Madness

Posted on February 16, 2012 by gcochran9

I’ve said it before, but it’s probably time to say it again. The most likely explanation for human homosexuality is that it is caused by some pathogen. It’s too common to be mutational pressure (and we don’t see syndromic versions, as we would in that case), it’s not new, identical twins are usually discordant (~75% of the time), and it’s hell on reproductive fitness. There is no way it is adaptive: the helpful gay uncle notion, group selection, compensating advantage in females, etc: these range from impossible to bloody unlikely. It doesn’t exist in most hunter-gatherers: you have to explain what it is you’re even talking about when you ask them. Presumably with diagrams.


Thanks for your the correction. My memory slipped.