Arianespace Vega-C VV22 Launch: Pléiades Neo 5 & 6

Arianespace planned (see update below) to launch a Vega-C rocket on 2022-11-25 at 01:47 UTC (evening of the 24th in western hemisphere time zones) from the European Space Centre at Kourou, French Guiana, to place two Airbus Defence and Space Pléiades Earth observation satellites in 620 km 97.89° Sun-synchronous orbits.

This launch will complete deployment of the Pléiades constellation, which provides 30 cm resolution imagery with a twice a day revisit time at constant Sun angle for both commercial and military customers. The constellation is a commercial venture entirely funded by Airbus.

Vega is Arianespace’s light launcher. Its three main stages are all solid rockets with a liquid trim and orbital insertion fourth stage at the top. The first stage of Vega will also be used as side solid boosters for Ariane 6. Payload for this launch is 1940 kg.


(2022-11-24 18:56 UTC)