As MLB changes its records, Josh Gibson replaces Ty Cobb as all-time batting...

Terrible to count negro league statistics.
Negro league was inferior , not separate but equal

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I’m not a fan of organized sports (I don’t watch football, baseball, basketball or hockey) and know almost nothing about them, but you raise an interesting related question: Would a Ty Cobb be able to compete with modern athletes? Is it correct to say that certain statistics (records) made 50, 75 or 100 years ago are NOT comparable to those made in the present day (due to better nutrition, conditioning etc.)? I assume the answer is “yes”…if so, has this ever been an issue in organized sports?

FYI: I apologize if I’m off topic…on topic: I take the rewriting of history and the erasing of accomplishments of certain groups as just a matter of course. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s impossible to compare stats from different eras.

Negro league was 1920-1948

Ruth, Gehrig and Ted Williams played during this period.

FYI Ted Williams lost 5 peak years in baseball :baseball: because he served in the Air Force, World War Two and Korea. His final season was 1960. He homered in his last at bat of his career.

Hall of Fame has admitted negro league players.

Recognizing negro league statistics as MLB is like recognizing Ebonics as a real language

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