As Seen on TV

Shows about lawyers were popular for a while. Ages ago,Perry Mason, then in the 90s LA Law, The Practice, Boston Legal. I didn’t watch any of those regularly, but that was back in the day when popular prime time TV drama or comedy really provided some cultural oatmeal for the nation sticking to everybody’s ribs. You always knew more bout such shows than you would admit, more, even, than you thought you did.
(And of course, so did everybody else; the great Irving Younger said attorneys MUST watch those shows, so we could act like “real”lawyers. If we attorneys didn’t act like the actors, juries and clients would assume we didn’t know what we were doing!)
A couple of things about that genre of drama always seemed ridiculous to me, like when, somehow, two lawyers from the same firm were arguing against each other. But THE most glaringly inaccurate feature was that someone committed a crime, or decided to get divorced, or was in an accident or whatever, in the first 3 minutes of the 40 minute hour—and was at trial by the last ten minutes, apparently within days.

HA! Litigation is not a speedy process, usually, to put it mildly. (Yes of course there’s a “speedy trial” for crimes mandated in the Constitution, but have you ever tried asking a prosecutor about that deadline?) A complaint is filed, an answer denying everything and demanding proof is filed, and they you enter the sempiternity of the “discovery period”. Written interrogatories are served, supposedly to be answered within 30 days…depositions are scheduled and, inevitably re-scheduled, more than once. Yes there are all kindsa rules designed to truncate or at least regulate the time involved, in Pa long ago there was a rule of civil procedure that cases had to go to trial, or at least be praecipied for trial, within 240 days of commencement. THAT didn’t last long.
Long story short, or Vice-versa:
It. Takes. YEARS.
So, um, how is it possible that Kari Lake’s lawsuit, filed less than one month ago, challenging the Arizona election results, has ALREADY (a) gone to trial and (b) been terminated in Hobbs’ favor?
This is a TV-lawyer-show timeline!
I read that she had to prove “intent” to mess with the election results, and the judge said she hadn’t. . Wouldn’tcha need lotsa discovery, every Email ever generated and especially, depositions, to even begin to do that?
It was the same in 2020, of course, where all the suits filed on behalf of Trump were (as I understood it) preliminarily dismissed for lack of “evidence”. But see, usually, you file a complaint, then spend months or years GATHERING evidence. . I mean yuh, the complaint should contain averments to present a “colorable” claim, but if it does,the court won’t dismiss it out of hand but will wait so see if the allegations can be proven at trial, after extensive discovery.
Of course I understand the truncation of the timeline for a TV drama; you gotta accommodate the sponsors, etc. But for real -life lawsuits affecting the future course of the ships of state of the federal or state governments? Wouldn’tcha think those would require MORE time, not less time , than your garden variety civil suits or criminal prosecutions?
Welp—I reckon Lake’s and Trump’s lawsuits had to accommodate “our sponsors”, too.
And as they used to say, those show trials did indeed “sell soap”.


Nothing to worry about. Just think of our Democratic Government taking all the time in the world to investigate dubious cases while citizens who entered their own People’s House back in the mists of history are rotting in Government jails without even a future trial date to look forward to. When it matters, the Powers That Be take all the time they want – Constitution be damned!

Back in happier days, Perry Mason was always talking about Habeus Corpus. Long time since I have heard those words.


The dates for the new AZ governor taking office are set in the state Constitution. The new governor takes office the 1st Monday in January. Not a lawyer, but I believe that’s why the whole process was expedited. Same thing for the events of late 2020/early 2021. There are legal deadlines, and it looks like the courts made every effort to get a verdict before those dates.

Yeah, I thought of that too, but it still doesnt seem to justify not really trying those challenges the way the courts would any other claim.


I think a smart judge that wishes to continue to have a great career and life would not wade into the swamp of a election challenge. Look at how the Supreme Court judge’s are treated today imagine a lesser courts judge treatment. No win situation.


Sad, but that is a good description of the thought processes of too many of today’s human beings. Me & my interests first! Doing the tough job I volunteered to do – only when convenient.

That judge may indeed have a great career and a good life. His children & grandchildren – not so much as our society crumbles under their feet.


?So how do we “fix” this - and sooo many other serious issues.

I believe in another thread, Gavin, you mentioned fight. ?When will it start. ?What will it look like. ?What kind of “combat” will it entail.

Furthermore, ?just what measures will be necessary to re-establish the society on some rational basis. “Fluid genders” just doesn’t match the world. ?If I feel sad, am I now A “sad” (whatever the heck THAT means - but clearly no different than current “trans” arguments. I can certainly “feel” like a tank, but the first contact interaction with a vehicle will disabuse me of this notion.


We can look to the Bible for historical guidance. Why did the Israelites have to spend 40 years in the wilderness after they were released from slavery in Egypt?

The answer is probably that most of the people who had developed a dependent slave mentality had to die off first. They had to be replaced by new generations brought up in the hard life of wandering in the wilderness – a life in which those who did not embrace responsibility & hard work soon died. Only after that cleansing period of time was a new generation of Israelites (different people!) fit to enter the Promised Land.

When future Chinese historians write books about the Collapse of the West and its subsequent Rebirth, that Biblical story will probably feature prominently.


OK. Let’s accept your answer as correct, although there might be room for some debate.

ONE problem posed by your answer is that the Israelites were a different people going to a different land. ?Where would we go. ?Who would we take. ?What would we do with the “woke” idiots.

There are no longer deserts we can withdraw to, nor oceans to cross to escape (or establish, depending on your POV) intolerance. Even here in the great state of Texas we have woke nerds. Perhaps not the number that Chicago has, but not zero.


Where would we go? To the future!
Who would we take? Everyone heads out to the future, no exceptions. But not everyone is going to make it to the future.
What would we do with the woke idiots? Simply shake our heads and refuse to help as they fall by the wayside.

This is the hard part of the situation we face. We need to accept that we have lost this war. The democratic republic model of government is finished, not just in the US but also more generally in the West. However, the big wheel keeps on turning, and this loss is not the end of the conflict. The Far Lefties (with their allies, the Republicrats) have won the war, but their victory is Pyrrhic. De-industrialized, indebted, uneducated is unsustainable. The question is what happens after their inevitable coming collapse?

This will all take time. We won’t be there to see the outcome, but we can help those future generations by preserving knowledge and tools, and by conveying across time the lessons from our failure.


The appeal of last resort in dispute processing is what defines culture. Culture is artificial selection. It is what determines allocation of scarce resources, hence evolution. It does no good to try to claim that “cultural mores, values, morals, etc.” define culture when authority over those things is, itself, a scarce resource known colloquially as “honor” as in “Your Honor”. Honor is moral territory.

This is why bombardment of our households with motion pictures of fathers being humiliated by their wives and children is a territorial assault on Man The Moral Animal. It would be foolish to dismiss as wild speculation this is one of the more significant contributors to loss of testosterone levels in the US.

The men broadcasting these images into another man’s home are shielded by hundreds if not thousands of miles as well as corporate anonymity, which is a lot safer than is a “pastor” standing behind a pulpit who is secretly cuckolding his parishioners.

I’ve been thinking about doing a triple review comparing Robert Heinlein’s “Beyond This Horizon” (1942), Jill von Konen’s “Camp 38” (1984) and Stanley Kubrick’s “Barry Lyndon” (1975) even though the first is a short story, the second is a novel and the third is a movie.

Published at different times in the evolution of the West into the nightmare it has become today, all of these address the conflict between the 600M year tradition of male single combat as the appeal of last resort in dispute processing, and civil society. Heinlein and von Konen take a decidedly sympathetic view of masculinity. Kubrick is another matter…