Bank Failures

??? Any truth to this?

Έκτακτη συνεδρίαση στις ΗΠΑ: Καταρρέει το δυτικό χρηματοπιστωτικό σύστημα -"Πυρηνικό" πλήγμα (και) στη UBS - Στα πρόθυρα χρεοκοπίας η Deutsche Bank! - WarNews247

Emergency meeting in the USA: The Western financial system is collapsing - “Nuclear” blow (also) to UBS - Deutsche Bank is on the verge of bankruptcy!

Fears of a crash in Deutsche Bank and UBS - “Black” Friday for international markets!




Glad to hear that. We are bombarded with fake news. It’s increasingly hard to know what’s real.

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I guess it’s a good thing then, that once the AI which both provides official US “truth” and controls the Fed Digital Dollar, will protect us from all “mis/dis-information” and “suspicious/harmful” spending. It will be the end of “fake news” and of the financial lives of any who dare to disagree. Two birds with one stone. We all know AIs can’t be wrong.