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JUST IN: :us: Senator Ted Cruz says he purchased 3 Bitcoin miners that started mining in Texas


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The State of Wisconsin Investment Board’s (SWIB) initial investment of $164 million in spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) like BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) and Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) is likely just a trial phase, according to David Krause, a finance professor at Marquette University.[1][3] Krause believes the SWIB, known for being innovative, is testing public reaction and assessing potential resistance to owning bitcoin.[1][3] He expects the SWIB to increase its bitcoin ETF holdings, as the current investment is negligible at around 0.1% of its $156 billion portfolio.[3][5] Krause views this as a “toe in the water” approach, anticipating the SWIB to gradually raise its bitcoin exposure to 1-2% of its portfolio.[1][2]

[1] Wisconsin Pension Plan Likely to Invest Much More in Bitcoin ETF, Marquette Professor Says Bitcoin ETF (BTC) Purchases for Pension Funds Just Getting Started
[2] BREAKING: Wisconsin Pension Plan Poised for Larger Bitcoin ETF …
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[6] David Krause on WRS investing millions into a Bitcoin ETF

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I recommend everyone should have one percent bitcoin allocation in their portfolio.

Strike app is an easy cheap way to buy bitcoin.

Another way to get bitcoin exposure is fidelity ETF or micro strategy MSTR. I prefer MSTR over bitcoin ETF.
I personally own a lot of MSTR in my Roth IRA because setting up a bitcoin retirement account is a pain.

To summarize: one percent bitcoin or MSTR allocation

I have a friend whose allocation is 90 percent bitcoin and 10 percent cash. He rebalances this portfolio once a month.
I don’t recommend a 90 percent allocation. My friend has a high tolerance for volatility. He is a software engineer who paid off his mortgage in 15 years. He lives in Texas which is now the hub for bitcoin mining in USA.

I live in California where it’s annoying to be a property owner. I have thought about selling my real estate investments and buy more bitcoin. But I am crazy and can stomach volatility. Ever since the dot com crash in 2000 and the great financial crisis in 2008. Plus the crazy volatility of bitcoin since inception

This is not investment advice.
This is a friendly recommendation.

Feel free to direct message me if you have any questions


My friend in Argentina can confirm almost everything Devon wrote


Page 9, Champion Innovation

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edit: Trump will be one of the speakers


JUST IN: :us: Donald Trump’s Vice President JD Vance previously disclosed Bitcoin holdings up to $250,000.