Clash of the Writin’ Titans

Historicism. Natural rights (plural). Natural right (singular) . Anton, Gottfried, Hayward are furiously and passionately dueling about these concepts in the firmament above my head. The American Greatness and Powerline sites are gritty with the drifting ash.
It seems to have something to do with the question of whether we Americans could, actually not metaphorically, have another revolution, a shootin’ civil war like 1776. And, I reckon, whether we have a “right” to do so, and whether that would be the “right” thing to do, according to some external,and/or eternal, principle.
I thought I knew what natural rights are: the “unalienable” ones mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. (This is different from the concept of “natural law” which strikes me as an oxymoron.)
Dear polymaths, are any of you following this? If so, tell me why they’re so mad at each other? Is all the heat really generated by an ideological differences, or is it just from the painful friction of perceived personal betrayal?