Coal Wins - Sanctions killing the Green Dream

I apologize most sincerely for the social faux pas of linking to pre-Elon Twitter – but this is the kind of reporting that the emasculated Western media no longer wants the Great Unwashed to know.

A Saudi prince at the recent OPEC meeting presented data showing that the price of oil has been relatively stable since Biden*'s proxy war in the Ukraine went hot. In contrast, the price of coal has about doubled, with the price of natural gas not far behind. Those sanctions are really helping the Euros!

Amena Bakr on Twitter: “Prince Abdulaziz shows a table which indicates the high volatility in other commodities compared to oil. And said this is because opec plus delivered. #OOTT #opec” / Twitter


No strategic reserve of LNG or coal to drain to keep prices in check before an election. No government report to provide Very crooked numbers to manipulate futures.