Dickens in America

I’m reading “Demon Copperhead”, Barbara Kingsolver’s novel ,which just won The 2023 Pulitzer Fiction Prize. (or half of it, split with Diaz’ “Trust”, which maybe I’ll read next.)

I was gonna read it a coupla months ago, but then I thought I should reread the original, Dickens’ “David Copperfield” first. But that got me onto a Dickens kick::I re-read that one and “Martin Chuzzlewit”, and read “Our Mutual Friend”. God is he good!

But a few days go I was again BB (between books) so I opened “Demon Copperhead”.
Really I think Dickens himself would be proud.

It resets the story of the boy orphaned young in late 20-21sr century America.
You could love it without having read the Dickens, but the pleasure of seeing the characters re-introduced (the Heep correspondent is nicknamed U- Haul) is considerable, so I recommend reading or rereading “David Copperfield “ before you read this one.
I had a bad moment where i suspected Kingsolver was gonna do a gender switch on one of Dickens’ main characters, but: false alarm!

In short: if you love fiction, and especially if you love Dickens:
read this book!


Barbara Kingsolver is widely recognized to be a very fine writer … but her extreme Leftism spoils a number of her books. Does she manage to keep her Far Left Politics (sorry, I mean “mainstream” in today’s language) out of this tale?


So far, yes. I felt the same way, which is why I was reluctant to read this.
But really, having had experience with the foster system, I can find nothing to complain of.