Drowning Out the “Sound of Freedom”

I really recommend Whitney Webb’s two volume book One Nation Under Blackmail. Also check out her website with her JE archive, Unlimited Hangout.


This whole thing has a real later-sections-of-The-Shockwave-Rider vibe to it. John Brunner was amazing.


why the surprise? while I applaud the inquiry, does it matter? Howard Hughes set up a movie company in the 20’s, procured starlets, took them, their mothers (!) and ‘business associates’ out on his yacht. Hughes went on to get defence contracts etc. He got pilloried in the end, and part of his defence was ‘everyone else is doing it’. Nothing new under the sun, let’s not be naive about it. I don’t suggest it is OK, and if I see it I would try and stop it, an as a parent I try to raise wise sensible children that won’t end up in vulnerable situations. I have no faith in the Gov or agencies to stop any of this, they enable it, for many reasons.


ORDER: On December 18, 2023, the Court entered an order (dkt. no. 1315) summarizing its findings following a particularized review of the documents noted therein and immediately staying its order for fourteen days to allow any impacted Doe an opportunity to appeal. The Court received inquiries from two Does seeking to remain under seal. The first of these two Does is Doe 107, whom the Court granted an extension of time until January 22, 2024, to submit support for her assertion that unsealing would cause her physical harm. (See dkt. no. 1318.) The second inquiry was submitted by Doe 110 and is currently under review by the Court. With the exception of the documents relating to these Does, the parties have informed the Court that they will begin filing the unsealed records outlined in this Court’s December 18 Order later today. The Court will render its determination on the documents relating to Does 107 and 110 in due course. SO ORDERED. (Signed by Judge Loretta A. Preska on 1/03/2024) (ama) (Entered: 01/03/2024)

Emphasis added



Back when it was still TV and not three-vee, a famous, crusty, cynical historian named Angus Porter, who had survived long enough to become a Grand Old Man and whose lifelong leftist views were in consequence now tolerated as forgivable eccentricity, had put the matter in a nutshell. Or, as some would-be wit promptly said, in a nut case.

Invited to comment on the world nuclear disarmament treaty of 1989, he said, "This is the third stage of human social evolution. First we had the legs race. Then we had the arms race. Now we’re going to have the brain race.

“And, if we’re lucky, the final stage will be the human race.”