Ecce homo!

Trump’s lordly and dignified behavior in New York yesterday was perfect. I don’t want to offend any religious readers, but—after all, this IS “Holy Week”, and I can’t help thinking:”As a sheep before the slaughter is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth”.

…but last night, of course, lo, he openeth!

A clear and dispassionate speech, as my fave poet woulda put it, “of what is passed, and passing, and to come”.

Lemme just focus on poor Alan Weissman, imprisoned on Rikers Island for a “crime” which ordinarily woulda been handled by the IRS writing a letter to the effect, “Dear Sir, hey, we think you owe us more in taxes; will ya pay up?”

Trump said, and I don’t doubt it, that the gent was offered a great deal: no jail time ( or maybe just like 90 days) if he would tell ‘em sump’n, anything, implicating Trump—OR ten years if he wouldn’t.
Proving once again to my satisfaction that a truly innocent person is far far worse off , if he gets sucked into the criminal “justice” system , than if he were a common criminal : the latter has info to trade, the innocent man does not.
Weve got our Judas in Michel Cohen. But Weissman out-saints the thrice-denying Peter.

Oh, the passion of Trump is just beginning, as he himself fully understands.
Can WE wait and watch through this Gethsemane?

(Okay, forgive me—but the confluence of this manifestly selective persecution with Holy Week is just…too…overwhelming.)


Related: Wasn’t Trump was in office long enough after January 6th to pardon everyone that was arrested? If ever there was a case that called for such an unprecedented blanket pardon, it was the unprecedented election of 2020 leading to that day. We have such obscenities as “mandatory mental health treatment” imposed by a judge in combination with criminal conviction. What? The guy was not responsible for his own actions – was mentally ill because he held the belief that he was saving the Republic – and you convict him as you would any other that harbored mens rea???

The Judge is the one suffering from mental illness – along with the rest of the country suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.


What caught my attention was the notice that the next court appearance for President Trump is set for … December 4th!

As we look at the deteriorating state of the world, it is quite within the bounds of possibility that the situation will be so different 9 months from now that the next court appearance will never occur.
A “rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born”.


Yes, I wish he had prospectively pardoned the J6 defendants. But I don’t think he could have foreseen how many people would be arrested for merely being at the scene, for accepting the the Capitol Police’s friendly invittion to enter the Capitol (video of THAT was being circulated on the afternoon of 1/6/21 itself; they beckoned for the crowd to enter,) I know I never woulda anticipated what happened to many people over the succeeding months.

He also coulda prospectively pardoned himself, IF the mystery crime (the indictment doesn’t specify) is a violation of federal law. He couldnta pardoned himself from state law crimes.

To extend my analogy ( o God WHY, Hypatia, you’ve already ventured into blasphemy…) this return to NY is like the trial in the Sanhedrin….


If I know litigators, the Dec 4 date will be continued at least once. Probably several times.
And—requiring the defendant to personally attend a motions hearing? Wha?!?!


I just read Mill’s piece on American Greatness”Seven ThingsYou Didn’t Know About The Stormy Daniels HushMoney Case”. Read it!

Didja know that in his FEC filings, Trump separately and in an excess of caution DISCLOSED the details of the payment?

There was never any deception in connection with this.

And —you’ve probably read this before, but— um:

how come all Clinton got for disguising her payments for the Steele dossier through Perkins Coie as “legal fees” was a piddly $8000 fine? No charges, no jail time….

In connection with Bragg, I hafta invoke another pithy scripture verse from the KJV:

“Lord, he stinketh.”