First IMF report issued after the nuclear war

First IMF report issued after the nuclear war (

About 6 years ago, Branko Milanovic wrote a spoof press release about reconstruction after a nuclear war triggered by events in the Ukraine. His satire may not seem quite so amusing today – but it is still a rather clever piece of writing. And it is a welcome reminder that – regardless of how senselessly we in the West may act – the human race will continue to march on.

… The Press Release is issued by the IMF and by the Bank for the Reconstruction of the Formerly Belligerent Areas (FBA), both located in Beijing. The Bank for the Reconstruction of the FBAs can be seen as a successor to the World Bank. As its name says, its purpose is to help the reconstruction of the FBA (Russia, Europe, US). …

… The new G7 is composed of China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, Nigeria and South Africa. African countries are shipping food to prevent starvation in Europe where the situation is particularly dire. Europe is also receiving (free) technical assistance from Somalia. …


The problem is that this reflects a charitable spirit that is essentially unique to the Anglosphere, particularly the US. The rest of the world would be picking over our bones rather than trying to help/save us.


This also presumes that the leaders of the West would actually retaliate with nukes. I am not convinced they would respond and I know damned well they won’t launch first.

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