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Has anyone used

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Not personally, though over at Hacker News many speak well of it. They updated their pricing to less expensive terms a year ago, so a short trial shouldn’t be too expensive.

eg. My Experience with Kagi Search (Google Search Replacement) | Hacker News
and Kagi Small Web | Hacker News where one of the kagi people show up to discuss an issue.

An important thing to remember is that their business model makes you their customer, not some advertiser.


Thanks for the links


If you give it a try, let me know how it goes.

Also, this (About Marginalia Search @ is an interesting effort to make a search engine that gives some of the early days flavour.

I used to use Devonagent/Devonsearch, until I moved off of Macintosh, and I was very satisfied with it DEVONtechnologies | DEVONagent, a smart web (re)search assistant for the Mac


An overview of search engines with their own indexes: