Gender Dysphoria

I’m sick of the Rightly Guided starting every discussion about trans-mania with the concession that of course gender dysphoria is “real”, but……
It reminds me of a friend who has an aquarium type display case in his living room, with s fish suspended in it. “Is that a REAL fish, Uncle Jug? “ my six year old daughter asked on her first visit. “Oh, it’s REAL,” our host answered—“It just ain’t ALIVE.”
In other words, yes, you’re not imagining the fish, it does have objective physical reality—but still, it isn’t what you think it is.
Maybe gender dysphoria does happen. So does congenital deafness, blindness, holes in the baby heart, and facial,deformities. (No wait, forget the first two, because we now consider those as being born into a “culture “ of sightlessness or silence and there’s them who feel any intervention to restore sight or hearing is wrong,) At least for now, though, last time I checked, it is still considered kind and appropriate to surgically correct the cardiac lacunae and the harelip. They are real, and “natural”, but the individual does not have to live with them and we can all agree—for now—that it is an unmitigated good when they are corrected.
The kind thing to do with individuals who may have been—if tnis is still the medical explanation—“washed” with the wrong hormone in the womb would be to administer the hormone which generally accompanies the set of reproductive organs the kid is born with. NOT, in my humble opinion, to administer the opposite sex hormone.
At least TRY that, before embarking on a course of surgical and pharmaceutical mayhem?
But, as with other instances of Bodily Identity Integrity Disorder, the medical profession now seems to accept that a person who is obsessed with, say, cutting off his left arm which he has just never felt “belongs” to him, is perfectly sane otherwise. Do the surgery, and tnis individual will lead a normal and much happier life. He wasn’t “crazy”, he was right about that arm!
I dk, I think when you look up “insanity” in the dictionary, one of the definitions should be “a desire to cut off one’s own healthy body parts, genital or otherwise.”
Are we ever gonna regain our simple health, do you think?


Denying reality only gets you so far, to the edge of the abyss. Accepting the falsehood gives you that little extra tap that pushes you over the edge. Wheee! It’s exhilarating, until the sudden stop brings the fun to an end.

I suspect that sometime in the next 30 years the people infected by this mania will seek reparations from those who destroyed their prospects for a normal life. This is a madness fully as insane as witch trials in the 17th century, pre-fontral lobotomies in the 1950s, and the hysteria about Satanist rituals in pre-schools in the 1980s.

Unfortunately, people are more stupid and brainwashed than they were then, so they can be swept up by even sillier notions.

Think of it as evolution in action. Nations whose populations are not consumed by such nonsense will replace those that are.


Seems to me that our goal should be to work with those unfortunate souls who suffer from “gender dysphoria” so they accept reality. And the reality is that people are born male or female. (Except for those extremely rare cases of people born “intersex,” but that not the same as gender dysphoria.

I mean, when a person believes he’s Jesus Christ, we don’t provide him with 12 disciples and then crucify him when he’s 33. We work to get to him to understand and accept that he’s not actually Jesus. Our goal with “gender dysphoria” should be to get the person to understand and accept that he/she is not actually female/male.

But what do I know?


This is what I’m saying, @danok1!
I used to argue: look, if someone believes he’s really an animal, like say a pig, would we graft a curly tail onto his coccyx?
But now, I’m not so sure the answer to that is no……

It is sad how much confusion a handful of progressives in a state education department can cause.

Thank God for homeschooling and the good teachers in public schools that do not follow evil orders.




That is the key point – and the basis for hope about the future. Willful stupidity may destroy individuals, groups of people, or entire civilizations. But as long as we can maintain true diversity and avoid the “One World Government” trap, there will be other people and other societies who don’t subscribe to those particular nonsensical ideas and who will survive.

True diversity in the human race leads to true sustainability for the human race. But it is still a pity to see those lives ruined unnecessarily.