General Electric Sales Force Film—“Dream Merchants” from 1960

… [Y]ou sell the things a woman’s dreams are made of. A woman is a mood—a teardrop—a happy laugh. Her badge is an apron. Her purpose in life is to give others pleasure. Her dream revolves around her home. … Her kitchen is what her dreams are made of!

Step your customer up to the dream range of her choice and watch your profits become a reality. … Your customer buys more than a range. She buys an image of prestige, convenience and approval. So show her Model J406…

(Heads explode.)

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Yes, I was seeing heads explode before I saw the phrase in parenthesis. Regardless of the marketing, whatever the quality of GE appliances then, today it is truly awful. Unfortunately, we have had three of their top of the line appliances: refrigerator, oven and stovetop with a down draft vent . The down vent died about a year after the warranty. The refrig has an interior rear panel with a fan to distribute cold air evenly to all the shelves. It died two weeks after the warranty expired and they wanted $500 to replace it (of course, it couldn’t be repaired). The oven temperature has never held the setting; usually it is about 75 degrees low. Two service calls told us it was working properly. My white male privilege does not, it seems, extend to the quality of items for which I pay top dollar. Never again will I buy GE.

I haven’t seen their undoubtedly political correct modern marketing. I suppose it is stellar. The products - as with most other mass marketed products nowadays - not so much. Our post modern fascism really is something. We are propagandized well-to-wall by both the state and its corporate co-conspirators. Meanwhile, they both proceed to mulct us while telling us how benevolent and kind they are by “protecting us from ourselves”. I’m afraid it will take an act of God* to save us from this new and improved combination of our betters.

*Acts of God include things like large Earth impactors or well-aimed CME’s. The time for torches and pitchforks - or even their modern equivalents - has clearly passed. The forces of modern fascism have clearly won and cannot be overturned by ‘populism’, since populists don’t count the votes or control what may be read on the internet.

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When I was in engineering school in the late 1960s, I had a professor who called them “Generous Electric” and was inclined to go on rants about the quality of their consumer products. I don’t know about their industrial equipment or jet engines, but crappy appliances have a long history with them.

Sarah Hoyt has been tagging her articles with #HeadsOnStakes for some time.


Call me a chauvinist pig , but , Women are really created to give others pleasure (their family specifically) . Of course this is not there only roll.

Beware the twitter equivalent of tar & feather! Stating biological truths/tendencies can be dangerous.

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