Grade School Solomonoff Induction

Solomonoff Induction should be taught starting not only in CS101 and STATS101 but starting with the next class after children are exposed to writing a “Hello, World!” program. Sound ridiculous? Yes, it sounds ridiculous to you because you were subjected to an education system ill-adapted to the ML age. That’s why things are going so far off the rails with, now, Kamala Harris becoming the “AI czar”.

For example, a simple counting program should be taught inductively as follows:

Kids, here is a sequence of numbers:


Here is a program that prints that sequence of numbers:

for i in range(15):

Here is another program that prints that sequence of numbers:


One of these two programs was written by a scientist. Which one was it?

Thereafter, every class having to do with science should be taught in the context of this approach to observation.