Grade School Solomonoff Induction

Solomonoff Induction should be taught starting not only in CS101 and STATS101 but starting with the next class after children are exposed to writing a “Hello, World!” program. Sound ridiculous? Yes, it sounds ridiculous to you because you were subjected to an education system ill-adapted to the ML age. That’s why things are going so far off the rails with, now, Kamala Harris becoming the “AI czar”.

For example, a simple counting program should be taught inductively as follows:

Kids, here is a sequence of numbers:


Here is a program that prints that sequence of numbers:

for i in range(15):

Here is another program that prints that sequence of numbers:


One of these two programs was written by a scientist. Which one was it?

Thereafter, every class having to do with science should be taught in the context of this approach to observation.


A 7th grade history teacher, in explaining religious wars leading to the scientific method would write the aforementioned for loop on the board and illustrate the way dogma led to the loss of 25% of the central European population in the Thirty Years War:

Class, Dr. Karl Popper has noticed that the for loop predicts a comma at the end of the sequence of numbers that does not appear in the given sequence. He therefore declares the scientist’s theory to have been falsified. Since by modus ponens, a false premise leads to any conclusion, he tells us that we must all continue to abide by his superior scientific theory of “The Open Society”.

Meanwhile, in the religious enthusiasm created by “The Open Society” that now overtakes the centers of power of the entire world, Dr. Ray Solomonoff’s words “But, it was only off by one character…” are unheralded hence unheard.

There arises therefore a conflict between Popperian falsification religious nuts posing as “social scientists” in their mad rush to centralize wealth and power in unaccountable hands that pose as moral authorities, and rational human beings (aka “natural scientists”) who are wondering if maybe it might be a good idea to have control groups of mutually consenting adults that can exclude confounders, such as sociopathic religious nuts like Popper, from being around their children – particularly since they’ve noticed a demographic hole the size of the Grand Canyon being blown in their populations by the religious nuts.

Since the religious nuts have control of the institutions including their enforcement arms, and they are coming for the children of the scientists aka rational human beings, and since the institutions have restricted reproductive resources to their acolytes including the military, everyone is terrified of being seen as “unscientific” in the Popperian, Open Society, sense and have convinced themselves that they must join the side with the money to avoid being homeless… against the increasingly despairing portion of the society consisting of rational human beings.

This, Class, is how 25% of a population can end up being killed in a fratricidal, neighbor vs neighbor war for freedom of “religion” where a “religion” includes walking one’s talk with regard to one’s working hypotheses.