Grant for COVID-19 research in Ukraine in November 2019 -

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what do you think about this article at

I starting to feel really strange. There is public information which shows that someone granted money to COVID research in Ukraine 3 months before it started to exist. Also there is again connection between the EcoWorldAlliance and other actors who were directly involved into Wuhan Research Institute. What is going on? And why is nobody talking about that?

What is your thought about this?

U.S. Department of Defense awarded a contract for ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine 3 months before Covid was known to even exist – The Expose (

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Interesting. The entry is real. I can’t find details of the subcontract.

I did some searching to see whether database artifacts could be responsible. For example, some pre-Covid contracts apparently received modification to address Covid and thus the term “Covid“ shows up in the database with a pre-2020 contract date.


I understand, so the description could be backward modified to match the official name, that’s really possible. For me is also shocking the location which is Ukraine.

Just out of curiosity, do you think it this grant / activity / effort of US for research have some relation to Russia - Ukraine war which is currently ongoing and the information about so called bio-labs in Ukraine?