Home by Christmas

That was the cry of the English Ruling Class when they sent their peons off to fight the hated Bosch in 1914. One might hope they would have learned the lesson that the future rarely turns out as their theories predicted it would – but alas! no.

The once-readable Wall Street Journal gave England’s disgraced former Prime Minister Boris Johnson a platform to call for more escalation, more violence in the proxy war in the Ukraine. Not to worry, Bojo assured the readers of the WSJ, Russia will be too afraid to escalate in response and expand the conflict beyond the distant boundaries of the Ukraine.

Boris Johnson Pens Op-Ed Urging US To Give Warplanes, Long-Range Missiles To Ukraine | ZeroHedge

"I know the wearying counterargument that stepping up supplies to Ukraine risks escalation. We dare not risk “poking the Russian bear.” Surely to goodness, after almost a year of this hideous conflict, we can see what total nonsense this is.

“Mr. Putin knows he can’t use nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction. He knows the consequences. The truth is that he’s the one who fears escalation.”

While the English Ruling Class have failed to learn the lesson of “Home by Christmas”, they have at least learned the (temporary) wisdom of “Let’s you & him fight”. BoJo’s plan not only calls for Russia to stick to Bojo’s script and recognize when it is beaten, it also calls for Ukrainian peons to do the dying and US peons to pay for it all.

And people still think of England as an ally?


I think of the English as allies, not Boris and his ilk. Same predicament here in the Colonies.