Impervious Browser and API Announced at Bitcoin 2022

The Impervious project seeks to restore the promise of the original peer-to-peer architecture of the Internet, rendering the data silos, gatekeepers, snoopers, censors, and cancel culture impotent and obsolete. It consists of an API, built atop the Bitcoin Lightning Network, and a browser using the API, which employs open technologies such as IPFS, WebRTC, and Decentralized Identifiers to provide a variety of secure peer-to-peer services or, in summary:

  • Zoom, without Zoom.
  • Google Docs, without Google.
  • Medium, without Medium.
  • WhatsApp, without WhatsApp.
  • Payments, without banks.
  • Identity, without the state.
  • All without centralized intermediaries and built into the Impervious Browser.

The Impervious Browser is available for early access by request at the present time with a general release expected later this year. The project is completely free and open source.

Here is documentation of the API and how to install a Lightning daemon and Impervious on a system. Presumably, as the technology is rolled out and matures, a containerised system will be developed to make this technology easier to deploy for those unfamiliar with system administration tasks.