Improving the Humble Can Opener

Of course, some will say that perfection was achieved with the P-38 can opener dating from 1942.


Someone beat you to it John:


The YouTuber fails to mention the magnet that retains the lid in the conventional opener. But who opens cans these days? I haven’t opened one in ages. As for baked beans, I say bake 'em yourself.

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I haven’t seen a can opener with a magnet for many years. We have four of them, and none of them has the magnet. I do remember it on some I used as a kid. The openers we have (all the kind with the geared cutter wheel) do not reliably sever the lid—they usually leave it attached by a little tag you have to gingerly wiggle until it breaks. In this case, the magnet wouldn’t help. But the failure to sever the lid may be because they’re old, and who knows how to sharpen a can opener.

Most cans I encounter these days have pop-off lids, but I find at least 10% of them fail (tab pops off) and you have to use a can opener on them. I have not tried the Homer Simpson method.


I have had this can opener for at least 10 years. It works just like the one described in the video. Plus the little jaws you see on the side are actuated by the lever on the other side by pushing it. You attach the jaws to the opened lid, squeeze the lever, and lift off the lid. I personally LOVE this opener, but my wife shuns it in preference to the traditional one.

As for the magnets, many years ago I bought a B&D electric ccan opener, which operated in the traditional way except you put the can on it, clamped down the cutter and hit the switch. The electric motor rotated the can sync a magnet on top lifted the cut lid. That, too, my wife shunned. I suppose she’s a luddite. :grin:

PS: the pics show the drive wheel in the open and closed positions. The little jaws are on the top and the lever is kind of visible at the bottom. The gizmo is attached to the TOP of the can but cuts just like the video. You can tell when the cutting is done because turning the wheel becomes almost effortless.


Our can opener is terrible or the cans are getting harder to open. I have been meaning to get a new opener for awhile, but keep forgetting about it. I thought this design would be good to try.

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