Is Civilisation on the Verge of Collapse? What Happens If it Does?

That may be the case. I still don’t see NH as a viable alternative to perhaps other areas that are also exploring separation like Texas. And if you want to say that Texas does not have a serious separation movement, then I would counter by saying that NH has had the Free State Project for well over 20 years that I know of and NH ain’t any closer to separation than Texas is.


Not everyone is agreed that separation is necessary. Some people feel that nullification is sufficient. For example, NH now prohibits cooperation with federal employees who are trying to infringe NH resident’s 2A rights.

It’s a start. You can’t start at the ending. You have to start at the beginning.


I like that. Nullification is a great and legal (contrary to what others may think) mechanism for the STates to check the power of the general government. I, if you couldn’t guess, think that separation is going to be the ultimate technique used, but I am all for nullification too.