Lighting my flag

As a veteran, I have displayed my flag on my house for many years, But I was negligent.
I did not take it down at sunset and again raise it in the morning.
The code for displaying the U.S. flag allows for continuous display, if it is illuminated after dark.

I’m guilty, I didn’t do that.

I have LED Christmas style lights on my house and They come on at about ten minutes after sunset and remain on until 1 AM (0100). (In memory of my wife.) I thought this was enough “respect” for my flag, but it was pointed out by my daughter, Dr. Phil, (PHD type), that I should have a light on it after my house decorative lights extinguish.

Well I finally cobbled a light together, I powered it through a “smart plug” so that the small 39 Watt flood lamp turns on at midnight and off at 0630 (630 AM).

illuminarted flag

Do you display “your” flag?


I put mine up one day and decided to leave it up. At first I cobbled together a night lighting arrangement, but then got a simple garden light that turns on at dark and is aimed up at it.

What is the Tag Line in the photo?


The “Tag Line” is a length of 100# test nylon line, darn similar to weed-wacker line. It is attached at the flag through a hole melted in the nylon material. The other end, with some slack, is attached to a steel weight. The purpose is to stop the flag from wrapping around the flag pole. I got tired of unwrapping it nearly every day, sometimes a few times a day.
Some might say that 1/4" hole is desecration to a flag, but my thoughts are that it helps display it properly and from the street, it’s nearly unnoticeable.




I’m a Marine. The flag is important to each and every Marine. I don’t have anywhere to properly display it, so I don’t. But I once upon a time travelled for work. Worked a long time in Evansville, IN. The hotel I stayed at had a flag outside, which they didn’t take in at sunset and didn’t light up. I made an issue of it, and they went and installed a lighting system for it! Looked darn sharp!

Thank you for your service.


Let me reply with a scan of a card I made and pass out to particular individuals like yourself.