New American Convolution

Okay this is too weird. It was Mark Levin who pointed out that the Democrat voters had selected Biden in the primaries; was his party now just arbitrarily going to set him aside (along with his elected VP, as it appeared at first?) (At least that is the first place I heard this.) Levin, like Trump and all the rest of us after 6/27, WANT Ol’Jo[k]e to run. (Except for our abject terror about the next 6 months.)
But now, it seems the Dems have adopted that argument. I saw the beginning of the MSNBC interview this AM. Joe S said: (paraphrasing) Mr President, in refusing to step aside, are you referencing what Donald Trump tried to do on Jan 6: overturn the will of the people? It took me a minute to follow that. So now the rebel Dems are the “insurrectionists”? Idk how this coulda happened, but from everything I’m reading this AM, this tack seems to have brought ‘em all riiiiight back in line in Biden’s mule team.

I’ve been writing that I had grossly overestimated the Dems vis à vis June 27: I really thought that unless they somehow KNEW or had ensured, that Biden could meet the very low bar set for him, the debate would not go on. There coulda been a bomb threat at CNN HQ. Or Ol’Jo[k]e coulda gotten laryngitis. ANYTHING! I still can’t believe they let that “debate” go forward! I’m happy they did, it shows they re not infallible. And not as smart as I feared.
Also this AM on MSNBC Biden’s theme was that HE has been traveling the country ever since, talking directly with the voters, making SURE they still want HIM!! And they DO! ( Um….i would like to see the size of the crowds he’s been drawing; I read they have to put everybody who attends directly behind him; he’s speaking with his back to the entire audience.)

Biden is trying to BECOME Trump! And this is a phenom I have seen with narcissistic personality sociopaths: they become obsessed with a certain individual, who becomes the great enemy—and then they unconsciously (?) adopt that person’s mannerisms. ( The Bee had a very funny piece when Biden appeared with a fake tan the next morning: “ Orange man GOOD!” )
Biden is now trying desperately to do what Trump can do so effortlessly—and the only rôle model he has for doing it is: Trump!

CAN we win in November? Before, I was afraid to hope. Now……I’m allowing me to entertain a maybe.


Overturn the will of the people? Biden has most of the delegates

His party rigged the primary for him


Yes that was my point: the Dem voters hve spoken. Now the Dems hve no option but to go with their voters’ will, even though it means Prez Vegetable. And NOW they’re trying to put a positive spin on that!
They’ll probably succeed……


The public grandstanding about Joe’s age and impairment is insufferable. The media and politicians can easily do this in private behind closed doors in a smoke filled room


Since when have Demoncrats ever cared about any law or Constitution which was opposed to their wishes?

Demoncrats are quite capable of replacing “Joe Biden” on the day of the Presidential election, or of doing a Zelensky and leaving him in the Oval Office after his term expires. Doubtless they could justify that as being in the penumbra of the Constitution or required by a forgotten law passed in 1822 – and the NYT & CNN would enthusiastically approve. That is what they understand as “democracy” – Demoncrats in power, come Hell or high water!


Vegetables won’t last long with all the vegans out there…

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