No Bus About It

Okay I can’t wait any longer:
Y’know, the ones transporting all those young, brightly-clad young people up to our southern border?
How come nobody ie even ASKING that?
These invaders did not walk here. Check out their new white sneakers.
Even Fox never asks this question. Sarah Carter, get on it!
C’mon, GOP! Send somebody down to the source, question the bus drivers, watch when they fill up with fuel and check out whose credit card they’re using.
This is n invasion. We need to know who is facilitating troop transport.


Please sit down, Hypatia, and take a deep breath. There is something I need to tell you – and it may rather shock you.

You need to know this: The institutional Republican Party is NOT on your side! It is not on America’s side. Congressional Republicans are mostly functional members of the ruling institutional Democrat Party, with their snouts in the same troughs. Many of institutional Republicans are former Democrats who switched parties in order to give us masses the impression that we have a choice. Reality is that we do not have any effective political choice.

Accepting this is tough. But we simply have to face reality.

Remember that, not too long ago, We the People elected a Republican President and gave the institutional Republicans control of both the House and the Senate. Did we see any major change in direction? Case closed.


The middle-of-the-night secret flights full of illegals continues apace. We are paying for that, too. VDH has a scathing essay which tells what we all know: rules about testing and vaccination and identity proof to fly apply only to citizens. Illegal aliens not AT ALL.


Thank you for the information. I hit like as appreciation, not because the information is in any way pleasing to contemplate.


No, I know, Gavin, of course you’re right. If Trump’s own party had had his back, we’d have the wall by now and this wouldn’t be happening.
But why doesn’t DiSantis , or Abbot, ask the question? Or Trump himself? Remember when he pointed out the patently obvious fact that these wretched “refugees” were, in fact, almost all healthy lookin’ military age MEN?


For what it is worth Abbott has been raising alarm about the border. REmember he arranged for a bus load of illegals to be dumped in DC and it happened.


Abbbott singlehandedly thwarted the latest 15k invasion force.


Yeah it happened but, um, so what? They’re probably all mowing lawns in suburban Va now.

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Yeah, but they ain’t stinking up my beloved Texas.

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With Plenty Of GOP Help, Senate Shoots Down Rand Paul’s Balanced-Budget Resolution | ZeroHedge

Paul’s proposal this week required cutting [Only!] six cents out each spending dollar for five years. … However, 17 “fiscally conservative” Republicans voted against it: … Dodging Paul’s intent to put everyone’s true fiscal colors on the record, four Republicans skipped the vote altogether

"Paul noted in his own remarks: “All this plan does is return to 2019 spending levels. If the federal government spent at 2019 levels this year, we would have a $388 billion surplus."


Armed uprisings have started over this very issue: the failure to secure the border. Bacon’s Rebellion, for instance.


Wait til election day and see how they vote… (and plenty WILL).


Abbott is a Johnny-come-lately to “the border crisis”. He only became animated when his polling showed him losing on this issue - across the board in Texas. As Mike LaRoche recently pointed out, a deeply blue Mexican district by the Rio Grand just went for a Republican in a big way. And not a machine republican, but a real Republican. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not the most hated Republican in Congress for naught; her exploits are generally mocked while the shenanigans of Ilian Omar “Khadafi” and the fake poor “Latina” from NYC (LOC) are applauded for intensely stupid positions and postures.