No Churchill didn’t cause the Bengal Famine and no he hate Indians

It’s become pretty common in Academia to accuse Churchill of racism and of causing the Bengal famine. Lots of folks on Twitter will swear until they are blue in the face Churchill was racist toward Indians, he wasn’t (although he didn’t care for Germans too much). This thread lays out nicely the real story behind this he famine and te charges of racism. Read the whole thing.


Churchill on India:


Fascinating! Thanks for linking to that, CTLaw.

File under “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose”. Churchill in 1931; he could be commenting on the US Senate:
The Conservative leaders have decided that we are to work with the Socialists, and that we must make our action conform with theirs.

And Churchill got some things right:
Were we to wash our hands of all responsibility and divest ourselves of all our powers, as our sentimentalists desire, ferocious civil wars would speedily break out between the Moslems and the Hindus. No one who knows India will dispute this.”

While he completely failed to realize how much could change in the less than a century after 1931:
[By Britain leaving] To let the Indian people fall, as they would, to the level of China, would be a desertion of duty on the part of Great Britain.


The same dynamic exists today.

The real oppressors in the 2nd and 3rd World are the local ruling class. They change from explicitly using royal/class status as the justification for their rule to using communism. It just happens that members of the old ruling class happen to be deemed meritorious under communism. Although it may be the lower rank/lower ability/lower honor members of that class.

And a similar dynamic exists in the West. The lower ability/lower honor parts of Western society wage war against the greater (in this case Churchill). They use cognitive dissonance to create a narrative where they are the honorable and able by falsely blaming and maligning the Churchills of the world.


Is there any reason for limiting that assertion to merely the 2nd & 3rd World?

One can’t help but think of the so-called First World ruling class that oppresses us all with the Climate Scam, the Covid Scam, open borders, and war with Russia (and soon to be China).

What history seems to be trying to tell us is that almost all ruling classes will put their own narrow selfish interests ahead of the interests of the people over whom they rule.

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