Now here is something that is not just Crazy -- it is Frightening

Almost 1 In 4 Democrats Believe Men Can Get Pregnant; New Poll Finds | ZeroHedge

The truly frightening part is about “white women”:
29% of white Democrat women believe that men can get pregnant.

But the Patriarchy denies white women good schooling – just wanting women to be in the kitchen, pregnant & barefoot. Fortunately, some bold women nowadays insist on going to college and getting a real education. They will surely recognize reality?

36% of white Democrat women with a college education believe that men can get pregnant.


8 out of 10 of refugees who received asylum later went for a holiday in the country they fled from:

Welfare is fully extended to these supposed refugees, including pension:


I am never frightened by the utter stupidity of others…until they start voting.


College no longer teaches Wisdom. Of course wisdom is rooted in antiquity.

What did those men know (?:sunglasses:)


In their reality, women who pretend they are men, actually ARE men, and the same for men who pretend to be women actually ARE women. Thus, some women cannot bear children because they have XY genes, and some men can bear children because they have XX genes. Thus of course the more “educated” they are in their reality, the greater a percentage will believe this.