“Now We Are Engaged in a Great Civil War…”

Gary Wills, in his book on the Gettysburg Address pointed out how remarkable those lines are. First, Lincoln said “we” as a nation , not “we patriots vs you slavers”. And “engaged in”—the Civil War, even as he stood on a battlefield of horrific carnage, was still cast as…a competition, a test, and that requires opposing sides, but—we’re all in it together, a salutary trial.

Ponder the contrast with Ol’Bygone last Thursday. Nothing bout “engagement”, it was all about “attack” and “threat”.
Lincoln talked bout how he and his audience could not hallow and consecrate the ground at Gettysburg, the battlefield-become-cemetery. It was the brave men(all of them) who died there who had already done that, made it sacred, dedicated it to our nation.
Biden stood at the “cradle of our Liberty” and managed to befoul and DEconsecrate it. His speech was the equivalent of —no, no, try to avoid hyperbole—but was at least analogous to a Black Mass.
GOD I hate that bozo. I keep thinking of a line from some old song…and I wish Plymouth Rock would land on HIM.


@Hypatia,I understand your temptation, but unfortunately it’s not likely hyperbolic to compare his staged screed with historical apocalyptic speeches, and some even from movies. The darkness, the blood-red color scheme, the display of martial power, the repugnant malicious language, and even the drug-induced crazed delivery style, all evoke comparisons to the worst actors ever to be seen on the world stage, real or imagined. Hate is a strong word, and an emotion to be countenanced sparingly, but I too hate this false president revealed as Mephistopheles.


So despite all the previous false starts, ?would you suggest The End Times are here.


The Second American Civil War has been a reality on the ideological level for years mainly fought virtually in cyberspace. What will happen this winter after the November election? We shall soon see.
What has happened in America was predicted by Yuri Bezmenov in the early 1980s.


Well, Yuri Bezmenov was certainly prescient almost 40 years ago. It is apparent his advice for halting the western (sic) reprise of Marxism-Leninism (actually, further devolved to woke Stalinist-Maoist terrorism) was not taken. The first stage initiated by the KGB was so wildly successful it became self-sustaining and outlived its ideological parent! It is painfully obvious that this particular history isn’t merely rhyming with century old horrors. And those on the forefront of the present lurch left will studiously ignore the fate of their early forbears in the previous iteration. Too bad for them; their just desserts await, as clearly recounted/foretold by Mr. Bezmenov.


Exactly I witnessed a lot of what Yuri warned about first hand. He died young, same age as me. I suspect KGB offed him.


12 December 2000 the solution was revealed in the five opinions released by SCOTUS. And they all had it right—even RGB!

The State Legislatures could have appointed any slate of Electors right up till 19 January.

In 2000 it was the Florida General Assembly; in 2020 it was several Legislatures.

As for me, the typical State Legislature is a “profile in cowardice”

So——I hear you. But we’ve always been putting the blame in the wrong place.


Last three phases of any project (but especially governmental ones):

  1. Search for the guilty

  2. Punishment of the innocent.

  3. Praise and honours for the uninvolved.


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