“Nuclear Fission Fuel is Inexhaustible”

As I see it, as part of the globalist agenda, they believe we have it too good. Since they are incapable of elevating those less fortunate (they can’t even do that here - despite spending a score or so trillions of dollars on “anti-poverty” programs since “The Great Society” farce). Elevation of populations is not in the socialist/Marxist repertoire. They can, however, lower our standard of living. That’s my best guess as to why they are bringing us down - especially those of us who have - through merit - enjoyed some success and security.


What better way to rule the world than to burn down all existing institutions (potential competitors) and replace them with institutions under your control? This is the intended result of the WEF’s “great reset,” which is just a massive central planning scheme. Their primary aim, as I see it, is the consolidation of power.


“Better to rule in Hell, than serve in Heaven”
Paradise Lost, John Milton