Pearl Harbor and Let's Go Brandon

Now here is a rather interesting take on the US scene by a Scandinavian:
Malcom Kyeyune – Power & Politics – ex vulgus scientia (

In essence, he postulates that the Deep State made the same mistake in installing Joe Biden that the Japanese Empire made in attacking Pearl Harbor. Both of them had to win a quick “Decisive Battle”, a knock-out blow, because they cannot prevail in a long grinding conflict.

"… it is all well and good to sink all the ships in Pearl Harbor, but what do you do if the enemy then refuses to concede defeat? The significance of ”Let’s go Brandon!” spreading like wildfire outside the jaded internet set in this context is that it reveals for everyone just how powerless the media machine has now become."

… In the conflict between the ”woke” and the ”deplorables”, the latter by and large work the kind of jobs where if people walk off the job, it takes days or even hours before one or more critical parts of modern society starts shutting down. … But what happens if people at the average NGO stop showing up to work? What happens if an university professor in critical gender studies refuses to come into the office until this or that issue is solved?

It would be great if our Scandinavian friend’s hopeful analysis is correct. Time will tell.


I read an awful story today: Biden cheerily agreed with some caller who ended the convo with “Let’s go, Brandon!” I think he even repeated the phrase.
Two possibilities:

  1. He has been shielded from the chanting crowds and just really thought he was talking to a NASCAR fan. (I hope!)—or
  2. He or his handlers have, ah, cottoned on to the fact that this: having Biden himself say it— is the only way to declaw the phrase.

If it was (2) they blew it bigly. People are using his response as proof he is senile.


(3) Biden was too dim to realize what was said and intended. Jill, almost imperceptibly bristled but held her composure.

It was the politically correct move within the occasion to just let it pass unobserved .

Seawriter is correct that most saw Joe as just senile. This is a Christmas gift to America.