Presidents’ Day

Not much to celebrate THIS year. We don’t really have a President. Ol Jo{k} e is just kinda bulletin board for his handlers’ messages. But to be fair, Presidents’ Day hasn’t been much fun since Clinton. Remember? “Presidents’ Day Sale: Men’s Pants, Half Off”……:joy::joy::joy:

I finally fished Bronze Age Mindset, reminded to do so by a piece about it on American Greatness yesterday. Per BAP, Polk was our greatest president ever. So I looked him up: he presided over the vastest territorial expansion in our nation’s history. YAY!!!


He also made a campaign pledge to, if elected, serve only one term, which he kept.


Following your earlier comments about Bronze Age Mindset, Hypatia, I took the plunge – bought it & read it. Still trying to make up my mind as to whether it is a joke put together by a person with an internet search engine or if it is a cri de coeur from an erudite person. Either way, the copy goes on the stack for books I am very unlikely ever to look at again.

Talking about Presidents – today I find myself feeling sorry for that Biden* fellow. It seems like elder-abuse to have a heavily-medicated old man stumbling about Kiev, not really knowing where he is while he gives away Other People’s Money. By the way, for the capital of a country that is supposed to be at war with a vicious enemy, downtown Kiev looks remarkably nice – much more kempt than downtown San Francisco, let alone Ohio’s East Palestine.


Kiev is the center of Russian orthodoxy, it’s where the first conversions took place in around 800 AD. I have always thought, or at least hoped, that Putin would not bomb the Lavra, the Golden Gate, and the other nearby beautiful cathedrals.

About BAP: oh c’mon, Gavin! You hafta be glad you read the thing! If you’re not, now, you will be: I think it’s coming to the surface again because they think they’ve identified the author: one Costin Almariu (not sure of the spelling) a Romanian, a Yale PhD candidate __so now the cucks will be trying to show him up…


Our best president was and will always be John Tyler. He is the only one to operate his administration from the view of, if it ain’t in the Constitution, I can’t do it. Because of that mindset he vetoed just about the entire platform of his party. This led to him being a one term president. He also told Virginia to secede and that is tops in my book.