“Regulate Us!”—U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Artificial Intelligence

The surveillance state would, of course, chase this kind of “AI Terrorism” down with accusations of “white supremacy” or “right wing extremism” and receive the full-throated support of (Good Lord, I can’t come up with a disgusting enough phrase for) “the IT industry”. The exceptions will be to the Fortune 500, government and other institutions that can afford to take lawsuits protecting their interests to the Supreme Court.

I tried warning people about the consequences of failing to replace the 16th with a tax on net assets: Attracting the most highly evolved rent seekers from around the world to make like the Face Hugger from Alien trying to bash through all border controls, most egregiously using Affirmative Action extended to all non-white immigrants in the 1970s to shatter any “glass ceilings” to take over Western Civilization. My God I can’t tell you how much I hate “Libertarians” for their part in this, even though I know it was probably their loss of agency to more subtle and malign forces possessing them to do this to us and to themselves. It’s difficult to integrate the full force of the societal trauma at all levels of even individual consciousness and keep things in perspective about “Reason” magazine et al.