Report From the Front Lines of Family Covid

My wife & I are the usual seasoned-citizen suspects with co-morbidities galore! Gigi (age 70 with lupus, Parkinson’s - like neurodegenerative disease with symptoms restricted to her lower extremities, hypothyroidism) and I (age 78 with asthma, coronary artery disease with stent, and monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance [MGUS], surgically-cured malignant melanoma). On the advice of her rheumatologist, we decided to take the J&J vaccine. We opted, at her suggestion, to avoid the mRNA “vaccines”, as we both have immunological problems (lupus, MGUS). Possible effects on the immune system by these novel chemicals remains a big unknown; there is growing evidence that some of the early “conspiracy theories” are transmogrifying into conspiracy facts; that is another story, however.

We managed to avoid it until now - Gigi by staying home, more due to immobility than caution. She recently underwent bilateral hip replacements and was only recently diagnosed and treated for the gait disorder with anti-Parkinson’s meds. Thus she has been more mobile in the past 6 months and going to physical therapy 3 times/week. In my case, I had more potential exposure because I did all the grocery shopping and worked as a doc on the detox unit every Saturday for all but the first 2 months of the original hysteria. I did wear a PAPR (powered air purifying respirator), gown and gloves at all times until I retired at then end of March 2022. I wore a mask underneath to protect those near me.PAPR’s, you see filter only the air supplied to the helmet. The overpressure supplied at the face is allowed to leak out to ambient air around the edges of the helmet; the seal is firm, but not hermetic; it includes my exhaled gases (& any bugs) - thus the mask under the helmet.

An aside about masks. I suffer from both normalcy bias and confirmation bias as to their use. I worked in operating rooms of hospitals, you see, beginning at age 16, initially as an OJT scrub nurse - though I eventually worked my way down the OR hierarchy to anesthesiologist (inside joke, understood by all who know surgeons) following med school and residency. So, I had worn masks most of my waking hours for almost 40+ years. Rationally, I think they are probably marginally beneficial in crowded, minimally-ventilated indoor locations. On the other hand, there may be some recent evidence that they may increase risk of severe pulmonary Covid in wearers. Validity of that is pending. I have continued to wear N95’s indoors right up until I got sick 4 days ago. My wife became ill with it 5 days before me.

Her first symptom was feeling light-headed, mentally cloudy, weak and slightly unsteady. The next day she felt prodromal, toxic and had a temp of 101.4. She was already taking hydroxychloroquine for lupus, so she continued that and added ivermectin (you know, the horse de-wormer), along with her usual 10,000U vitamin D and zinc lozenges. Rather than the recommended azithromycin, I gave her doxycycline because of a history of C.diff. She also continued her usual Pepcid 20 mg bid, along with 10mg melatonin. She was able to eat and drink throughout. Each afternoon, she spiked a fever, never higher than 101.4, diminishing each day. She developed a productive cough on day 3, which was gone by yesterday, along with her fever. Today, day 8, she feels completely normal. The course of ivermectin was for 5 days, 6mg/day in divided doses. There were no side effects from any of the medications.

In passing, I should emphasize that these drugs are all completely legal and categorized as “safe and effective” on their labels by the imperial FDA, unlike the mRNA “vaccines” or the only “officially approved” treatment - Paxlovid. These drugs, so forcefully “pushed” by the state, all have significant (and intentionally un-reported) toxicities and are only allowed under emergency use authorizations". The medications I gave my wife, on the other hand - called “repurposed” drugs - were prescribed by me, LEGALLY, “off label”. The eternal fact and long standing medical standard is that any physician may prescribe any “safe and effective” medication for any condition that the physician suggests and the patient gives informed consent (this idea, which fills hundreds of pages of requirements in the Federal Register, ceased to exist in practice when it came to Covid dictates). Informed consent was not long ago, the essential foundation of medical practice in the US, as I said, codified in hundreds of regulations. As with the Constitution, the basis of medicine is now coercion. The FDA, medical societies, state boards of medicine, medical schools - all ignored the law and practice and by fiat disciplined and fired physicians for apostasy - for prescribing the medications I lawfully and ethically gave my wife. Even Pepcid, an OTC H2 blocker, could not be repurposed according to our liege lords.

My illness began 5 ays after Gigi’s. She stayed at bedrest and I somehow managed to keep on keepin’ on taking her meds, food, etc. I slept on the couch downstairs. Now I have had two prior episodes of month-long severe bronchitis over the past 25 years. I started such an episode about a month before my wife got Covid. I had been coughing and wheezing continuously. I had been coughing productively and wheezing - using an albuterol inhaler. I never had a fever. A week in I did a Covid test - negative. I took a Z-Pak for 5 days with no obvious effect. A week later, I alternated 100mg doxycycline and 250 mg amoxacillin for 4 days. Again, no obvious improvement, but I didn’t spike a temp or develop pneumonia. I figured, the bronchitis is obviously viral; RSV is very prevalent nowadays. It may actually block Covid via natural interferon or I may get Covid on top of it, in which case I could be in trouble. So, I started low-dose hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin (half of Gigi’s dose) as prophylaxis. Didn’t work (or maybe lessened my disease?). Once I developed a mild headache, my cough increased, and for the first time in a month, I actually had upper respiratory symptoms (severe runny nose and sneezing, of which I surprisingly had none during the entire bronchitis month) I tested again & was positive. That was 4 days ago. I went to full doses and continued my usual Pepcid, melatonin, vitamin D, and albuterol inhaler. Saturday, the cough and wheezing was so intense that I had pain where the anterior diaphragm inserts on the rib cage. I had been also taking Mucinex and Tesslon Perls for the cough, without much help. Since my oxygen saturation was still 96% I had no intention of going to the hospital; I have two oxygen concentrators and a ventilating BiPAP machine at home for just such an emergency, but did not need them because I also has another repurposed and initially-forbidden drug: dexamethasone -] a powerful steroid. I took a moderate dose Saturday night and my symptoms improved dramatically in an hour. Another dose Sunday night and no cough or wheezing at all. Today I feel normal, with an occasional cough and no wheezing. I plan to taper the moderate dose of dexamethasone over then next four nights. I never had any fever at all. In addition to the symptoms described, I had some dyspnea when I climbed the stairs and felt easily fatigued. I was glad I was able to help Gigi, nonetheless.

So, we are both on the mend. Should any “authorities” above-mentioned become aware of my treating my wife as I did, I could face repercussions. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. Hell no, I am definitely NOT even having any violent fantasies because of the persecution perpetrated by “officials” on physicians who actually want to help their patients by doing things which have always been lawful! - until the rule of law suddenly died of Covid. (Advocating violence, we all know is only permitted in favor of BLM on Twitter & other anti-social media; you see, since I am certain that all lives matter™ and I would treat anyone this way who wanted me to - right up until they arrested me for doing so; saying that out loud, we also know, would make a prima facie case that I am a bad human being and the MSM would amplify this, sforzando.). BTW, I estimate the cost of all the medication I gave the both of my wife and myself (which I purchased at the very beginning of the plandemic) was about $100 and I still have enough left to treat probably 5 more people. Oh, they could also prosecute me and revoke my license because some of these superb medications have expired by a few months (“full of sound and fury” and signifying “regulatory capture”. The FDA claims it is “doing something” to protect the public from bad drugs, while the pharmaceutical industry racks up more sales and profits. Do you know what happens to outdated drugs in hospitals? They are given to charities who take these “bad” drugs and use them on patients in third world countries. Win, win, win, lose. The regulators successfully regulate & drive up hospital costs , the hospitals are “good” they “comply” with the regulators; charities get to wear white hats (soon to be repurposed with Black hats (TV commercials suggest a change in color preferences - you know, how “green” is always the greatest color); the only losers are American health consumers, who already pay the highest drug prices on the planet, and now get to subsidize charities they were hereby forced to unknowingly support through their health insurance premiums.

I know, this is a rant. I will say in my defense, however, there is much here that is rant-worthy. Until the revolution is fought by those younger, stronger and healthier than me - it’s the best I can muster!

(Actually, setting this forth has so drained me that I lack the force to edit it any further. If you have tolerated reading this far, I beg your indulgence. If you haven’t made it this far, I freely offer my [virtual] understanding). Should I suffer a Covid recrudescence and perish, I will nonetheless attempt to get the word out, at least - barring more aesthetic means - via putrefaction.


You don’t have to worry too much, CW. Not until they throw you into a cell, switch off the cameras, and send the guards off to get pizza. Not that that would ever happen. Not in America!

Thank you for that professional summary of symptoms & treatments – hardly a rant. Just one question from a representative of the medically-ignorant:

It used to be that lots of us would get flu in the wintertime, and some people – mostly the old with pre-existing conditions – would die. Now we are told we get Covid, and it is much more serious (although the death rates seem comparable). And in the wintertime we would all get colds – sneeze & cough for a few days, and then (except for a few unfortunates) get better. Now we get RSV – and that is serious! (Although the effects seem similar).

Have diseases changed? Or is it simply that our capacity to identify bugs has advanced?


Congrats on making it through the coof! Glad to learn it resolved without drama beyond discomfort and feeling sick for a few days. Dexomethasone is a great addition … had a similar experience.

Keep pushing!


I don’t think the diseases have changed. For one thing, perceptions have changed inordinately due to reporting which does not even attempt to be objective, informative, to reflect reality or even be slightly unbiased. The the goal of journalism, which affects all perceptions about disease, is to shape reality in service of fostering various “narratives”. You suggested one of them made at the outset: that Covid fatality was around 10 times greater than influenza and required unlimited state power. Now, as better information has become available, despite the ongoing efforts at distortion, it looks like - especially taking into account the now-revealed large number of uncounted cases, that the case fatality rate is just about the same as the flu. Never, in reporting the number of thousands of deaths, (without giving units of time in which they occurred) did the MSM report that, on average about 7700 people die every day in the US every year. Nothing like a little perspective or context to clarify the meaning of mortality reported.

Now, there may be something else at work as to the present plague of respiratory illness filling ER’s, but the most obvious possible cause may not even be hypothesized. Might it be possibly related to having inoculated more than a billion human beings with a substance which has a considerable likelihood of interacting in unprecedented ways with the human genome and immune system? We may not even ask! The health “authorities” have become so incoherent and dishonest that the NHS in England has affirmatively refused to correlate vaccination status of the “birthing persons” with the marked increase in stillborn births. They have actually gone so far as to reclassify some stillbirths as live births to skew the statistics! In normal times, this simple correlation would have been the first study undertaken! Now, the NHS has the audacity to say with a straight face that “No useful medical information would result from doing so, so we won’t do it”. These are the lies of evil tyrants with zero regard for those whose health they are sworn to protect. They need some time in Nuremberg.


Glad you and the missus are on the mend, Doc! Regarding repercussions, if you feel the ol’ midnight door kick down is imminent, here is my prescription for you: Start a crypto exchange (stat), embezzle a large fraction of your customers’ money, and share part of that booty with Democrat politicians. This has proven effective in at least one instance (cf. Bankman-Fried et al., 2022).

The coof caught up with me last May. I spent a long day at various in-person university graduation events and woke up 3 days later with a 101F fever and a positive rapid test. But that was it. The minor fever came and went over a couple of days, no other symptoms. No headache or body ache, no sweats or chills, no cough or congestion, even no loss of smell or taste. I had prepared in advance with a course of Ivermectin, HCQ, and azithromycin, which I started taking immediately, along with my daily Vitamins C and D, and CoQ10 and zinc.

Did those do any good? No idea. I was 63 at the time, no health complications. My hypothesis is ‘no’. I did J&J the year before, coerced by employer. Did the J&J lessen the severity? Again, not enough evidence. My hypothesis is ‘no’.

It took 12 days to finally test negative via rapid test. During that period, I continued to exercise and indeed achieved my fastest mile of the year, before or since. I wish I didn’t get it but it was very far from the worst experience I’ve ever had.


Thanks for the informative report - not just that it informed me about how you’ve treated C19, it’s also fascinating as insight into the workflow of an MD.

C19 went from being perceived as an acute disease with 10x flu’s case fatality rate (CFR) to being understood as a systemic disease that affects many organs, and leads to excess mortality and Long Covid (LC) with a ton of lasting symptoms.

mRNA vaccines do have more side effects (which is why I’ve been boosting with Novavax) but the efficacy drops quite quickly. However, it’s C19 itself that’s causing excess mortality, not vaccination – if you look at New Zealand data where they kept zero Covid policy and vaccinated with mRNA, the excess mortality started when they dropped zero Covid, not after vaccination (peak Aug-Nov '21):

For US and Russia, the excess mortality peaks coincide with C19 waves.


CW, I have no doubt Ivermectin works. And the fact that this drug, which was awarded the Nobel Prize for most useful medication ever, (or sump’n like;that) was villified as though people wanted to take furniture polish or motor oil, was a ridiculous spectacle. People were given the misinformation that it is only a veterinary medicine.

But, even my BMD can’t explain to me how a drug which is primarily an anti-parasitic can be effective against a virus. Do you know?

(And, not least: hosannas for your recovery,)


And rightly so, to not give a damn. The institutions of the regime have become the enemy of the people. It is left to each person to act as he sees fit, regardless of dictates of the regime.

Glad to hear you are both on the mend, no thanks to the “authorities.”


Could you expand on this? How does the J&J vaccine differ from the mRNAs from a risk perspective? None of them operate as traditional vaccines, as I understand it.


I think it is believed to inhibit a component of protein synthesis essential to coronavirus replication, thereby reducing the viral load. Many medications have ancillary effects in addition to those intended. The mechanisms of other repurposed drugs like Pepcid and melatonin are, to my knowledge, unknown. This is why it is so counterproductive to stifle free communication among physicians. This is a major mechanism by which such discoveries are inferred, tried and eventually studied - and often affirmed. Ask your BMD.


The mRNA “vaccines” produce spike protein to which the immune system is supposed to respond by attaching antibodies to the spikes on the virus, blocking attachment to cells. The RNA is synthetic with a pseudo-uracil substituted for the normal uracil in the “vaccine”. The delivery vehicle in the mRNA vaccines is also novel: micro-liposomes. Both of these substances are being found in lots of tissues, with unknown long-term results and not a few concerns.

J&J vaccine also produces spike protein to the immune system, but via injection of a non-pathogenic adenovirus (some of its cousins are among the causes of the common cold), whose genome has been modified to code for spike protein. Use of whole, non-pathogenic virus or inactivated virus or viral components have been widely used previously and far better studied. As well, I don’t think micro-liposomes are involved. I deferred to the greater knowledge of the rheumatologist. That’s the best I understand it.

My reluctance to take mRNA is rooted in the basic principle that it gains access to the nuclei of many cell lines. It has long been known that RNA which gain access to cell nuclei, have a significant likelihood of being reverse-transcribed into DNA and incorporated into native genetic material. Every human cell is full of such - what used to be called “junk DNA”, some of viral origin. The result of introduction of such synthetic genetic material into various cell lines is completely unknown. What is already known, however, is that the stuff persists in human ovaries and may thus gain access to and possibly modify the human germ line. That would make possible heritable changes to maternal genes. Under prior principles of informed consent, such information would have been essential.


There’s been in vitro work that showed antiviral efficacy of IVM, [1,2]. What happened later was a bunch of clinical studies where each study stated that it either works or doesn’t work, but the IVM protocol was wildly diverging and inconsistent. The only thing that can be tested with a clinical study is a protocol, not the drug itself. A scalpel isn’t going to ‘work’ if it’s used by a chimp either, which says nothing about the quality of the scalpel.

What also happened was premature political endorsement of IVM and HCQ treatment over prevention or eradication that led to a cold civil war where IVM was discredited by association, not by substantial evidence.


These are very valid points.

To add to this, picking the J&J vaccine back in 2021 actually made a lot of sense. Its absolute risk reduction profile from the trial data showed it was more effective than either mRNA alternatives. See, for instance, this article which includes a helpful graph illustrating the number needed to treat (NNT) ranges across different vaccines. Hint: lower NNT means better efficacy.

Moreover, a single shot administration implied less intrinsic risk, since any medical intervention will necessarily carry some kind of risk. In this case, the mRNA administration in two doses (not including the so-called boosters) would present additive risks from, among other things, the fat particles used for delivery, the actual administration of the vaccine, etc.


The evidence for the efficacy of boosting is striking, even with Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines leading in the US:

It’s a pretty weird virus after all:

Perhaps this helps put things in a more realistic perspective?

Historical flu deaths per 100k population 2010-2022


Separately, the denominator in the OWiD chart is not the same across the series, which means the unvaccinated rate is calculated using a relatively smaller subgroup of the overall population. Absent group size datapoints at each period, you can’t tease out how much of the increase/decrease is due to group size change vs. actual incidence increase.


The OWID data is weekly death rate, your flu chart is annual death rate.

Overall, official C19 deaths are undercounting the actual excess mortality by a factor of 3, as The Economist has been tracking:

I agree about ideally controlling for all the covariates, but in this case we’ve got a case of Savage’s interocular trauma - when the data hits you between the eyes.