Rural Interlude

I’m increasingly repelled by urban settings and attracted to rural ones. Yesterday I cycled to Starkey Farm in Pasco County, FL to pick some blueberries. And, boy, were they ever delicious off the vine. We’d picked blackberries a couple of weeks before. These are essentially weeds; I used to pick them in random areas around the house as a kid. Still, it’s nice to have them all in one place. Blueberry fields forever.

Some of the cows at Starkey were catching some shade on this rather (but not excessively) warm day.

Nearby, the Brooker Creek Preserve also has grazing livestock and wide, open spaces.

Last February, rangers were conducting a controlled burn in Starkey Wilderness Park. I had a rather extensive discussion with the ranger in charge of the burn about forest management and, incidentally, I got quite an earful about how terrible California’s forest management is and the resulting wildfires.
February 15:

I went back a couple of weeks later to see how the forest was recovering.
March 5: