Sanctions are Stupid!

In Russian Supermarket after 6 Months under Unprecedented SANCTIONS! Can You Believe It? - YouTube

OK, no-one has half an hour to spare watching a Russian guy wheel his trolley through a hypermarket in St. Petersburg. But it might be worth clicking on a few minutes of this, since we live in a world in which the media is part of the Establishment with a predilection for spreading narratives rather than reporting reality.

I remember when my local Walmart looked like this store – shelves packed to capacity. But that was then and this is now. Russian stores still have baby formula! Americans can eat their hearts out.

A dietician might observe that the Russian hypermarket carries too much processed foods. And the generally low prices might favor over-consumption. But the shoppers look on average to be in better condition than those in my neighborhood Walmart.

Clear conclusion is that Western sanctions on Russia have not significantly impacted Russian shoppers. Could European shoppers say the same?

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I believe the sanctions are working exactly as their authors intended.