Someone With Ties to Ricochet

Ball Diamond Ball has a good piece on the front page of the dreaded GOPe social media platform Ricochet. I am not really going to summarize his piece, but I do need to ask those who still have access over there to deliver a message for me.

The discussion in the thread to his piece swerved into when one of the commenters realized that the GOP was a worthless bunch of feckless schmucks. Well, my message is this:
In the book, Sell Out by David Schippers, he sets the scene to one of the Impeachment Managers’ meetings involving the House Managers and the Senate cadre who would be running the conviction vote. During this meeting–despite being the majority in the Senate–the GOP Senators did not do one damned thing to help the House Managers. The scene is perfectly depicted by Schippers describing how Senator Fred Daulton Thompson of Tennessee (and Law & Order fame) sat in the corner with his head in his hands. Ever since I read this book in the early 2000s, that picture from the book has been etched in my mind. It is the perfect depiction of what the Establishment GOP is. They are puppets for the Democrats and they know it…and they feel guilty as hell about it. However, despite that guilt, they will never ever exercise their duty to their constituents and to the people of this country in defeating the Democrats. This should have been evident then. Well after Trump, I think it is safe to say that it is as apparent as the bright, burning sun on a hot summer afternoon.


They have successfully and fully defined the sacred word: feckless.


Specifically the GOPe leadership. Hell, I think if the GOP just got rid of its national leadership–McConnell and his gang in the Senate, etc.–the GOP could actually do some good. But alas, the GOP is not willing to make that change and the GOP voters are too stupid or duped to vote those SOBs out.


Yup, you’re right 1787. But usually, leadership reflects the character of those led, with the notable exception of violent autocrats.