Stiff Competition

Did Jen Psaki really say we welcome “stiff competition”, when asked about China’s new hypersonic weapon delivery system?
Was that really what she planned to say? It just seems….unfortunate, given all the jokes about her boss being a cadaver, and given the jerky movements and unnatural stances Joseph “Marionette” Biden displays whenever they allow him to be filmed.
So much for the word “stiff”. But worse was to come: “competition”? You mean, like, striving to be BETTER at something than somebody else? Actually displaying superior competence? WHA’?!?! No, no, no, that’s meritocracy, that’s arrogance, that’s….Trumpism. Surely, we hope “we all”, all the nations of the world, “do well” in the endeavor to nuke large swaths of the planet.
She’s gettin’ a little….tired, maybe? Who can blame her, it must be exhausting, having daily to dress up failure and incompetence as “extraordinary success”.


Words matter, and Psaki is a murderer of clarity. I’ve come to the same place I did with the Hildabeast, aka Thunder-Rodent-Thighs, as I can’t stand to listen to or watch her.