Ten Days That Might Shake The World -- maybe

More speculation – prompted by the cyphers in the DC Swamp reversing their earlier position that Ukraine alone would make decisions on war & peace while the hapless US taxpayers keep putting up the funds indefinitely.
White House Rejects Ceasefire In Ukraine As China Mediation Intensifies | ZeroHedge

Reportedly, President Xi is going to Moscow next week for discussions with President Putin, after which he will have a zoom meeting with Zelensky. It is a safe bet that President Xi, fresh off his diplomatic triumph bringing Saudi Arabia and Iran together, will try to negotiate a ceasefire.

President Xi’s selling point will obviously be that Zelensky cannot rely on continuing support from US/NATO. Financial instability in the US, riots in France, political upset in the Netherlands, rising disgust in Germany about the US’s destruction of the partly German-owned NordStream pipelines – it is time for Zelensky to look for a way out.

President XI states he has convinced President Putin to agree to a temporary case fire (if Zelensky does the same) while immediate face-to-face negotiations take place between Zelensky and President Putin in the Chinese Embassy in the retail paradise of Dubai. (The real offer is to get Zelensky and his shopaholic wife out of reach of the murderous hard-liners in the Ukraine).

China would offer massive reconstruction aid to the Ukraine, which fits with China’s long-term plan for the Ukraine to be a way-station on the Belt & Road. Obviously, bankrupt US/NATO will not be able to match that offer. The price would be Chinese military forces stationed in the Ukraine to guarantee the peace by closing the western border to NATO and stabilizing the Line of Contact with Russia in the east. Status of the Donbas to be sorted out later through internationally-administered plebiscites. This gives the Ukraine the chance to hold on to Odessa and access to the Black Sea. Both sides agree to no post-conflict hypocritical Western-style Nuremburg trials.

Western Europe ends up with the Chinese military on its eastern border. NATO crumbles. Russia gets a neutral Ukraine on its western border. And Zelensky survives.


Doubt they would want to tie up troops. But definitely could send observers/monitors.


Quite possible. Still, the big problem about bringing conflict in the Ukraine to a close is that no-one trusts anyone else. Zelensky would reasonably want assurance that the Ukraine will have some peace-keeping physical protection – but clearly US/NATO belligerents are now unacceptable as peace-keepers to Russia, while Russian troops would be unacceptable to the Ukraine or NATO. Choices become China, India, Brazil.

If China is going to invest big bucks in rebuilding the Ukraine, China is the one with an incentive to provide sufficient military forces to secure their investments by keeping US/NATO and Russia out. Plus having Chinese military in force on Western Europe’s borders would probably appeal to the Chinese sense of humor.