The Atlantic (2015): "Paranoia, we scorned you, and we're sorry."

That conspiracy theorist rag, The Atlantic, carried this article back in 2015 at about the time Trump was being taken seriously.

It ended with this paragraph:

Paranoia, we scorned you, and we’re sorry. We feared you were crazy, but now we’re crazy too, meaning we’re ready to listen, so, please, let’s talk. It’s time. It’s past time. Let’s get to know each other. Quietly, with the shades drawn, in the dark, in the space that is left to us, so small, now nearly gone.

It should be noted that in 2017, the persona “Q” appeared on the 4chan* boards about the time of the deadliest “single shooter” mass killing in US history, and fed this “paranoia” of the mid-Atlantic elites, hence their Trump Derangement Syndrome by implying that “Q” had access to surveillance data from the smart phones of various anti-Trump elites.

* It should also be noted that there is no longer an obvious place where one can see the entire history of the Q posts going back to 2017. I found one at this Google Docs Spreadsheet but it doesn’t contain the earlier posts that may have been by the same persona prior to adopting the “Q” name – posts that implied prior knowledge of the mass shooting. There was a disruption of the 4chan board shortly after the Q posts began, resulting in a move of a Q persona to “8chan”.