The Fertile Will Inherit the Earth

And yet something has started happening:



Big divergence in South Korea

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Effects of NorK propaganda? Men resisting it?


Women in South Korea have too much power and they know it.

Much of it is due to male female imbalance. 1.1 males per female.

The result is 0.7 birth rate

John Walker created a topic about how Korean women are not having children


I think I know the answer.

I will post in a different thread

Why are Korean men more conservative? Men want to have children plural but their wives want zero or one. And because of the gender imbalance they can’t divorce and find a new spouse easily.

Why are Korean women becoming more liberal?
The same reason women in America and Europe have become more liberal: social status, career advancement, birth control pill , morning after pill, peer pressure


why why why


I’ll tell you WHY:

Guys like Judea Pearl receive the Turing Award for writing books like “The Book of Why” which serves only to obscure the simple reality that the social sciences should have, starting in the 1960s, been funded entirely by the trickledown from prize awards for compression of comprehensive datasets.

The problem is, of course, that if such an incentives-oriented social science took root, guys like Judea Pearl would never receive Turing Awards. Israel has the highest birth rate in the developed world because of the Holocaustian industry’s propaganda and we can’t let on that this may have depressed the TFR in the rest of the developed world by replacing Christianity with Holocaustianity.

Discovering that fact in a rigorous and unbiased social science would be antisemitic!