The new (ab)normal

“Residents and city leaders are searching for answers: should they tolerate burglaries as a part of city living, and focus on barricading homes?” asks the San Francisco Chronicle. Well, as Comrade Jen Psaki might put it, maybe we just need to “lower our expectations”. How long before we are informed that door locks are rayycist?


Twitter: “… the HOA found that unevictable meth dealers rented a home and refused an offer of $15k to leave after being $30k behind on their rent.

About a hundred years ago, the members of the Home Owners Association would have dealt with this problem not by offering the antisocial elements a bribe to go away, but with baseball bats and maybe ropes & lampposts. We can’t expect that in today’s emasculated San Fran – but time passes, situations evolve, and the world will eventually get back to that kind of immediate citizen justice – assuming that “city leaders” continue to insulate themselves behind walls and security teams from the problems they create.

The question is – would we rather live in today’s world, or in that past/future world?