The Song of the Dial-Up Modem


Here is an annotated spectrum analysis of the connection handshake of a V.90 56 kbit/sec modem.

This may prove useful if you, like Homer Simpson, wish to master the art of doing an impression of a dial-up connection.


The sound of the 300 baud modem (I was around when they were standard) always struck me as the tune a drunken bagpiper would play. Even back then. And yes. My friends back then thought I was weird.


Super good! Brought back a lot of memories of times past… Thank you for sharing.

It’s funny how after all these years I still remember the Hayes AT modem command set.

A couple of days ago, this just popped into my mind for no reason.

   1   ———   2
   2   ———   1
   4—5       4—5
   6—8—20    6—8—20
   7   ———   7


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DB25 null modem. Oh, yes.

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If you have a chance, swing by the Computer History Museum in San Jose, CA (link)

Plenty of flashback material there, down to the old musty computer equipment smell…

Our gracious host’s prior adventures show up in the collection (link) :wink:

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