Tree Harvesting


Log harvesting is some of the most amazing machinery I’ve ever witnessed. I worked at Sierra Pacific Industries for 4 years, writing optimization software for the lumber mills. The goal is to recover the most value for a log, minimize waste, etc. Every part of the log is used, good wood for structural lumber, clean chips are used for pressboard, bark is used for mulch, and all waste chips / dust are burned to generate power.

The cleared land is replanted with an idea to efficient spacing, access to sun & water, etc. Wood is an amazing material and one of the only actual renewable materials we’ve got.


That is why we need to keep CO2 in the atmosphere, and maybe try to increase the CO2 level to enhance the growth of material-producing, oxygen-producing trees.

The Carbon Cycle – something that used to be taught to every high school student, and is now apparently forbidden knowledge for Ivy League graduates.