Two International Space Station Spacewalkers Imaged from the Ground

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During the spacewalk of the two astronauts Raja Chari and Matthias Maurer the International Space Station appeared shortly after sunset in the bright evening sky over Germany. This image of the ISS pass was taken on March 23, 2022 under good seeing conditions through my C11 EdgeHD telescope from the hometown of ESA astronaut Dr. Matthias Maurer. The docked SpaceX Dragon capsule, with which the astronauts of Crew-3 flew to the ISS, is clearly visible. Three years ago I got to know Matthias Maurer at our SpaceStudio (Weltraum-Atelier) in Nohfelden, Germany which is located near to Matthias‘ hometown. Additional funfact: I produced the song for his ISS mission, "Cosmic Kiss”: Matthias Maurer | Cosmic Kiss - Soundtrack and NASA’s SpaceX Crew-3 launch to the ISS - YouTube For the local press in Germany, I first published an initial photo highlighting where Matthias Maurer appeared on the ISS. Due to my time constraints, I released this version right away on the internet, which then went viral, while I continued to work on the final image version with both highlighted astronauts. Already two days after the spacewalk happened, Philip Smith contacted me. He is a world well-known photographer of all things ISS and has been published in many forms of media. Philip Smith with his ISS obsession, noticed on my picture that NASA astronaut Raja Chari is also detectable - on the robot arm “Canadarm2” - and he created a wonderful combination picture shown here with an insert from the NASA livestream: Astronauts Raja Chari & Matthias Maurer Spacewalk Outside the International Space Station - YouTube I feel like I just made a once in a life time image. It’s probably the first ground based picture showing two spacewalkers on the ISS at the same time.


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