USA Today No Way

I just saw an ad quoting USA Today headline saying. “Biden is a Boring Leader But That’s Okay because He’s Also Competent”.
Are. They. KIDDING?

  1. He ISNT “boring”— my GOD, it’s like watching somebody sleepwalking: you’re terrified he might walk off a cliff or wander into traffic.
  2. It AIN’T “okay”. WHAT, exactly, can you point to which is okay right now? Inflation? Covid? International relations? The border? We have never BEEN so “Un-okay” since Carter.
  3. “Competent”? See 2 above.

Idk, I think this piece was written during the campaign, when one of the Dems talking points was that Trump was TOO exciting, too unpredictable (like that’s a BAD thing?)
Wouldn’t it be nice, peaceful, to just be able to ignore our President again?
Well, I WAS very worried about Trump the entire time, he was always under attack, each salvo more ridiculous than the last!
But I don’t know whether it woulda been “nice” or “peaceful” just to be able to not think about our executive, because I can’t. Ol’Bygone as Prez is like having a demented relative: you know that soon, any time now, you will hear something tragic and irreversible.
God save the United States. And please hurry….


?Why would God save the United States. We’ve done our best to drive him out of here; now you want him to save us.

There’s a great old joke about an aetheist running in the woods away from a grizzly. He trips and falls and as the bear is about to pounce upon him, he cries out, “LORD! Save me!” Suddenly there is this eerie light and the bear freezes. A great voice from the heavens booms out,

“SO, you’ve denied Me all these years, and now you want Me to HELP you?”
“Well, yes, that’s true. But ?could you please make the bear ‘Christian’.”
“Very well.”
And with that the light disappears and the bear returns to “life”. He looks down upon the aetheistt, then falls to his knees, puts his paws together and says,
“Lord I give thanks to you for this food You have provided for me to eat.”


Competent: Let’s Go Brandon. End of message.

In a place that everyone gets a trophy, the President that reads end of message on multiple occasions is considered competent by the incompetent journalists.

I cannot help but think of Atlas Shrugged.


:joy::joy::joy::joy:good one! But lookit all the times He saved Israel even though He was SOOO mad at her. Can’t we get a one-off?

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