Vladimir Putin Statement on Ukraine, Recognition of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics

Yet another “proxy war”.


So Russian mercenaries are recruiting volunteer jailbirds – while the Kiev authorities are conscripting unwilling young women and old men.

Tell me which one we are supposed to consider beyond the pale?


Pick one. Neither one is really our national interest although I could back Ukraine if for no other reason than all the strategic material it has. BUT not with troops - just aid.


“Russian-installed leaders in occupied areas of four Ukrainian regions set out plans for referendums on joining Russia this week”

Hmmm! The United Nations was founded on the principle that the people of Planet Earth have a right to self-determination. It is one of that institution’s fundamental beliefs.

If Ukrainian citizens who have been bombed & shelled for eight long years by the government in Kiev decide they no longer want to be ruled by Kiev, surely that is their right? Surely that right of self-determination is something that the West must be prepared to go to war to enforce against the undemocratic clique in Kiev who are trying to undermine the democratic right of every people to choose their own destiny?


Here is Vladimir Putin’s 2022-09-20 statement on the situation in Ukraine and Russia’s response.


I can’t find a good English transcript without going to .ru

He is wearing a different tie in this one:


IF that was true, we wouldn’t have handed over Kosovo to the Albanians. Kosovo is sacred ground to Serbs. It is covered with old Orthodox churches, graveyards, and monasteries. Yet we sided with the shiptars, our historic enemies, against our historical allies, the Serbs - who we betrayed in WWII, leading to the nation becoming communist.

What your stand says is that Hamtrank, MI should be allowed to substitute sharia law for American jurisprudence.

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Another example of cultural erasure is Azerbaijan, completely blatant:

Democracy has a loophole, and that’s population competition. Jack Parsons wrote a tome on this topic (he mailed me a CD with it, since nobody would print it), here’s a summary:

In contrast, Ukraine is not an example of this.