“Vorrei piangere ma non posso..

…m’abandonna il pianto encor!”
(I want to weep but I cannot; even tears have abandoned me now.)

I have to turn to grand opera ( those lines are from Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor) and to legend, mythology, to find a scope big enough through which to survey yesterday’s verdict against Trump.

It’s like the death of Baldur, the radiant and beautiful god, killed by the innocuous mistletoe plant which Loki tricked a blind god into throwing.

It’s like the death of Richard I, killed by an arrow shot by a boy; because of that he was originally referred to as “the lion slain by an ant” (which morphed into the more elegiac “Lionheart”.)

THIS case, which everyone said was the weakest of the lawfare aimed at Trump? THIS case, rejected by both state and federal officials? THIS “show me the man, and I won’t even bother pretending to show you the crime” farce?
THIS weak shaft, incompetently aimed, is to be the death blow to a great former president and leading presidential candidate?

Even the way I found out is….literary; I was strolling through leafy Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia (the ‘cradle of our liberty”!) when a pudgy man jumped up from a bench I was passing, waved his cell phone in my face, and yelled, “He’s going to jail! Trump’s going to jail!” I was transfixed: like the Ancient Mariner, “I could not choose but hear.”

Vorrei piangere ma non posso.


I am Spartacus !


Yes, what the lawyers did to President Trump will be seen in future Chinese text books as marking the end of the American Republic. They will pair it with the event when the predecessors of today’s Institutional Democrats murdered the Gracchi brothers, who were simply trying to put Rome back on the right track.

But we must keep a sense of humor. We can laugh at the Institutional Democrats at the same time as we contribute to President Trump’s campaign. For example, Demoncrats have long been pushing the idea that felons should be allowed to vote – from jail, if need be. Well … let’s demand that the Demoncrats rush forward legislation to allow “felon” President Trump to vote for himself. :grinning:

What ticks me off about this highly predictable “verdict” is the total silence from the Institutional Republicans in the Swamp – frightened little scammers waiting to see what the polling says before they dare to run to the front of whatever parade they see forming. It is time for us all to beg Presidents Putin and Xi to nuke the DC Swamp. Make the rubble bounce! And then do it again, to be certain. If they want to take out New York City too, that could be justified.


I just listened to,President Trump’s speech this AM. He said what he is going through is unpleasant but “it’s an honor” to go through it, for the country, for the constitution, and for us.
Did I cry? No.like I said. I want to, but I can’t.


Though I don’t follow closely, I think Trump may be toning his speech down a few notches. If so, this will only do him good. Though his policies are orders of magnitude better than the left’s his public persona has been all too often cringe-worthy. The less of that the better. We know he’s a fighter. Doing so less crassly, less boorishly can only help in the retail politics.


@civilwestman : I agree, there was a note of “sadder but wiser”. It made me sad to hear that, but I think it was appropriate. He’d seem crazy if he weren’t kinda…poleaxed by this verdict. Who wouldn’t be?

@Gavin : re felons voting, I’ve written about that elsewhere: “Hell yes, let ‘em vote!”
I get a publication called “Prison Legal News”, which reported that majority of prisoners are pro-Trump. I think it was because they understood he had done more for the incarcerated than any other president. Now, of course, it’ll be due to fellow-feeling: they know what “the law” can do if it’s turned against a man.
Pa, I’m happy to say, does not disenfranchise felons (last time I looked). And I don’t think any state should! It’s like with illegali immigrants: their numbers are counted for purposes of determining federal dollars and representation, . They are citizens, they should still have a voice. Why not?

I think the reason my daughter is a public defender now is she grew up hearing me say “One in 20 American adults has hard prison experience—and I’m not talkin’ DUI!” And it’s TRUE; I still say it early and often.
We have waaay too many people in prison. B Hussein, to his credit, at least passed or ordered something to the effect that federal prisons have to be run by the fed govt. but most prisoners aren’t in fed but in state prisons, and those are being privatized! So now, we have a powerful lobby arguing for criminalization of more behavior, for longer sentences. Oh and we still have the corporate equivalent of “chain gangs” where prisoners are essentially forced to work for nothing—slavery. (Prison labor as you know is specifically excepted in the 13th Amendment ).

But…a “sense of humor”? It’s not funny. I just ain’t in the mood to laugh this morning, either. Maybe later……


I still don’t understand the second crime: campaign finance, tax crime or more false records

The first crime is dubious. Paying your lawyer is a legal expense. Non disclosure agreements are also a legal expense.

How can jury instructions be 55 pages??!!


The jurors are morons. Crayon drawings take up more space than text.


The article by Jonathan Turley outlines four potential issues with the Trump hush money trial that could lead to the conviction being overturned on appeal:

The Judge

Judge Juan Merchan was specifically selected for the case rather than randomly assigned, and has a history of stringent rulings against Trump. Turley suggests this could be grounds for appeal.[1]

The Charges

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg charged Trump with violating state laws for conduct that the federal government declined to prosecute as a crime, an unprecedented legal theory according to Turley.[1]

The Evidence

Turley questions the admission of Michael Cohen’s plea agreement related to federal campaign finance violations as improper evidence.[1]

The Jury Instructions

Turley argues the jury instructions were confusing and did not properly guide the jury in this unique case.[1][3]

While other legal analysts disagree with Turley’s assessment, he believes these issues present a “formidable target” that could lead to Trump’s conviction being overturned on appeal.[1][3]

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To me, it doesn’t seem Trump’s lawyers are very aggressive.