Weekly Space Report: Starship Booster Assembly, 2022 Orbital Launch Plans, Russian ASAT Test, NASA Inspector General


These ‘The Happening World’ events show several impressive examples of technological progress, ushering in what has been accurately, it seems, called “the roaring '20’s” by @johnwalker. My sense is that through intellectual legerdemain and Marxist faith, such successful hard scientific and technical progress has been usurped, appropriated in a sense, by leftists to justify vast social engineering projects they falsely claim are similarly “scientific”. This is done as though there have been similar advances in actual scientific understanding of human psychology, sociology, education and politics when, in fact, no such progress has been made. Instead, those “disciplines” are intellectually undisciplined, incontinent, incoherent and driven by blatantly false “meta narratives” (ready for the meta-verse?) rather than fact, data or reason.

A poignant image of this situation just popped into my mind: picture Western humanity being driven along a smooth, perfectly marked highway at high speed by a fully autonomous self-driving vehicle. Unbeknownst to the passengers, however, it is headed straight for a cliff. That image somehow captures today’s juxtaposition of factual, rational knowledge derived through rigorous science and mere opinions and constructs assembled by ideologues in furtherance of amassing power and control of others. The former is objective, empirical and/or logical; deductive, it results from open inquiry by any unbiased observer; it relies on controlled experiment and rigorous attempt at falsification; the latter is subjective, emotional and not subject to falsification; inductive “truths” are derived from principles revealed to only an elect few who then infer power to control all of society; social “science” demands faith of adherents to its rubrics.

Imagine the result if rockets were built and launched by practitioners using the methods of social “science”…