What’s So Special About Being A Lawyer?

The same reason my buddy spent more money on legal fees than he could possibly have recovered in his divorce. Human vice.

Just a guess.

Well, Robert! I thought you’d never get here!

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I’m here for you. I don’t do family law but I’m here for you.

Family law is a nasty business.

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Every time I think about solutions to the problems in the US, I always end up in the same spot. A country is only as good as the sum of its citizens.

The country is too big to have a shared set of values. It is too big to know what our government (regardless of branch) is doing. How many laws did JW quote? Too many, too big, too far away, too diverse in values.
We have a large group of people who remember a country that they think existed and want it back. Whether it ever existed is debatable. It cannot be made to exist.

Go small.


On your topic. It isn’t just the practice of Law that has hit the skids. It is a general degeneration of the US and is evident in all areas and professions.

You indicated you will be reading Atlas Shrugged. Good timing because if I recall part of AS is the journey of a man through such a state of affairs.


Totes agree. I got outta that a long time ago. It should be called anti-family law.


Thank you.


I dont know whether anyone will see this, but i will cap my post with a quotation which makes my point far more cogently than i did.
In “The YLS Debacle”, Scott Johnson, Powerline blog 3/30/22, the author states that both the university and the courtroom are “venues set aside for vibrant exchange of ideas”, and continues:

“And still another key idea is that the scholar and the attorney are both figures whose special standing in society is built on their self-disciplined committment to the conventions of orderly disagreement. They must listen to those with whom tbey disagree, reflect on arguments and evidence, and wait their turn to express their own views. This doesnt mean thst the scholar or the attorney should lack intensity of purpose or a sense of urgency. But it means those passions have to be channeled into the agreed forms of expression.”

Whut HE sed, riight thar:
THAT’S “what’s so special about being a lawyer”.


That’s what so special about being a good lawyer! I have had the privilege of working with a few of them, and they are indeed very good – and quite special. But not every boxer is a Muhammed Ali.

The skill of listening carefully and responding appropriately to achieve a desired end is as important to the shopgirl and the machinist as to the lawyer and the manager. It is also less common than would be ideal – in every profession and occupation.

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