Why Are Conservatives Pained About the Current State of Affairs?

Since the FBI raid of Trump’s palace in Southern Florida, I have been seeing comments on Conservative blogs that many grass roots types are “pained” that this has pushed them to doubt the credibility of the federal government. This has me particularly baffled in that I thought a bedrock principle of conservatism was skepticism of all government. I am coming to the realization that conservatives up until about six months ago thought that patriotism was equal to unquestioning loyalty to the federal government bodies that are supposedly wrapped in the flag. The FBI is now among those on the list of flag draped institutions that Conservatives are scratching their heads about and asking, “How could this have happened to such a fine organization?” Conservatives seem to not understand their own ideology if their initial reaction to the events involving the FBI and D.J. Trump is sadness.

First, in 2016 the FBI opened a counterintelligence operation against the out of power party’s presidential nominee and then continued that operation after that nominee won the election against the Democrat. Further, the continuation of that operation was at the behest of the Democrat who lost and the Democrat administration that was displaced by Trump’s win. If that alone was not enough to turn Conservatives into the Sons of Liberty ready to overthrow this tyranny, then nothing was. But now, with the FBI conducting a panty raid on Malania, they are all of a sudden saddened.

Second, the FBI has been at the center of every single attempt to get Biden elected and then acted to cover up how that election was stolen. They coaxed civilians into a scheme cooked up by the FBI to kidnap a Democrat governor in an attempt to frame Trump as some sort of Pyed Piper of militant threats so as to cause him trouble in an election. The FBI has harassed and arrested people who took part in a protest of that stolen election. Finally, the FBI has allowed numerous people known to them as threats to continue operating until those threats became reality. The FBI, as a flag draped institution, is a rather piss poor example of those institutions we are supposed to revere as country-loving zealots.

So once again, the adherents of an ideology predicated on the notion of limited government and the most frightening words in the English language being “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” have found themselves saddened by the FBI’s current shennanigans. Here’s the hint for any of you on here who might think that the old ways are still the good ways, i.e., that Bushian Republicanism is going to get us somewhere near liberty: the FBI is just another government bureaucracy that is just as prone to abuse and waste as any other bureaucracy. Every agent with an FBI badge is no different than the schlub at the DMV who doesn’t give two craps whether you get your licensed renewed today or not. The only difference is that the FBI agent has a gun. If you are still of the opinion that there is still good in the federal government–THIS federal government–as though you are Luke Skywalker convincing yourself that there is still good left in Darth Vader, then you are not on the team. YOU are the problem.

It’s not enough to defund the FBI. The ENTIRE government in Washington has to go. It has become ruinous of its stated ends, that of protecting liberty and the rights of individuals. The federal government, draped in that flag (which is dripping with blood by the way), views you–YOU–as an enemy. Maybe it’s time for Conservatives to wake up and smell the tyranny.


Maybe conservatives are just beginning to perceive the stench, but libertarians have had the FBI’s number for a long time. In 2005, Louis Freeh, FBI director from 1993 through 2001, published a book titled My FBI (link is to my review). Here is the last paragraph of the review.

Freeh’s book provides a peek into the mind of a self-consciously virtuous top cop—if only those foolish politicians and their paranoid constituents would sign over the last shreds of their liberties and privacy (on p. 304 he explicitly pitches for key escrow and back doors in encryption products, arguing “there’s no need for this technology to be any more intrusive than a wiretap on a phone line”—indeed!), the righteous and incorruptible enforcers of the law and impartial arbiters of justice could make their lives ever so much safer and fret-free. And perhaps if the human beings in possession of those awesome powers were, in fact, as righteous as Mr. Freeh seems to believe himself to be, then there would nothing to worry about. But evidence suggests cause for concern. On the next to last page of the book, p. 324, near the end of six pages of acknowledgements set in small type with narrow leading (didn’t think we’d read that far, Mr. Freeh?), we find the author naming, as an exemplar of one of the “courageous and honorable men who serve us”, who “deserve the nation’s praise and lasting gratitude”, one Lon Horiuchi, the FBI sniper who shot and killed Vicki Weaver (who was accused of no crime) while she was holding her baby in her hands during the Ruby Ridge siege in August of 1992. Horiuchi later pled the Fifth Amendment in testimony before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in 1995, ten years prior to Freeh’s commendation of him here.


Conservatives in the USA work hard and are honest, and thought their civil servents were lazy and overpaid, but at least mostly on the up and up .

They thought wrong.

Conservatives can be naive … but once they figure out they’ve been duped THEY WILL

Sobering times of reform ahead God willing.


Donald Trump lawsuit regarding the warrant/search: